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First Immersion Clip released

I just finished editing the “First Immersion” clip and added it to my clip store. It’s getting late, so you’ll have to read the description in my clip store. Also, the free clip in my previous blog post has a brief scene from this video. Clip store link: First Immersion of 2019, 2019-04-28

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First Total Immersion of 2019

Well, I finally made another trip to one of my favorite spots in the swamp. I didn’t go where I planned to go because, once again, the low tide was at least 4 inches (10 cm) short of the desired level. I wish I had ten or twenty years of tide level history to compare … Continue reading »

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Working/Playing in the Mud Pit

It was near sunset so I had one hour at best, but I wanted to see if I could get anything done on my mud-pit reworking project, and get some video of it. I put on a thong, found a shovel, a bucket and a camera, and headed to the pit. I hoped I could … Continue reading »

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New Video: Trapped!

(See my previous post for more about this clip.) I went exploring a location I haven’t explored in 20 years. In my bare-feet and skin-tight jeans, I pull my canoe into the muddy inlet. After discovering that it is really difficult to navigate the deep mud, I climb onto a slippery log and walk carefully … Continue reading »

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Returning to the Beginning

Yesterday, I set out on an adventure with the goal of locating a spot I had last visited when I was still shooting on a VHS analog video camera (over 20 years ago). In my past exploration, I hadn’t been able to find a location without a lot of timber that made sinking nearly impossible … Continue reading »

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Mud Pit Maintenance

We’re still in that transition between winter and mud season, so I am trying to get things ready.  The weather is getting warm, but the water is cold and the best low tides are before sunrise. On Wednesday (4/4), I decided to dig the sandy mud out of my pit. It needs to be stirred … Continue reading »

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