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I love the water. I don’t just love gazing at it, I love being in it. I love being wet and I especially love being immersed in water. Today, I kidnapped Heather for an early morning escapade. The goal was to return to the cool  spot I found yesterday, before the tide got too high … Continue reading »

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Exploring the swamp

Well, I went out today, in hopes of catching a low tide, but the tide never got low enough for mudding. I was determined to enjoy my time on the water, so I paddled a few miles and did some exploring. I got wet, I got a little dirty, and I found a tiny creek … Continue reading »

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Changes to come

I’ve been researching plug-ins for making a WordPress blog (like this one) private. Just so you all aren’t too shocked, I’m warning you, now, that I might try out various privacy features here, just to experiment. I find the idea of having a members-only blog somewhat intriguing (remember when there were perks for patrons?). I’d … Continue reading »

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New users…

I temporarily suspended the user registration feature, as I’ve had a few suspicious registrations the last couple of days. For now, if you want to register, send me a message through the contact form on this site. Please include your user name and I’ll make up a password for you and e-mail it to you. … Continue reading »

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The new girl

I finally found a new mud model. She’s really cute, and we shot our first movie this past Sunday. The movie is available on Clips4Sale and it should be available soon on in Heather Blake’s download store. Here is a trailer, and some still frames from the video … crazybitch_2011-09-04_teaser

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update on Swamp Bondage, 2011-08-06

Update: Swamp Bondage, 2011-08-06 is now available on — I was able to upload the clip to It is now awaiting approval, which generally doesn’t take more than a few days. Here are some more still images from that video, and a few from Heather Blake’s still camera, to hold you over! 😉

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Swamp Bondage, 2011-08-06

I just added “Swamp Bondage, 2011-08-06” to my clips4sale store. I am trying to upload it to, but I’m having technical difficulty. has a new payment processor that accepts more credit cards. You may want to check them out, sometime. See the Aug 6 post for the story behind this clip. Here is … Continue reading »

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Swamping on Sept 3, 2011

Today was my first trip out into my swamp since the hurricane. I didn’t notice any major relandscaping since the storm. The tides are not very low this time of year, and today was no exception. I still took advantage of the low tide and enjoyed some deep, inviting swamp mud. I shot video, but … Continue reading »

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