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Trout Season

I ran into 3 fishing boats on my way out, today. I asked one of the fishermen what they were trying to catch, and he responded, “trout”. Well, that explains it, doesn’t it? Everyone loves the speckled trout. But I digress. So I picked a spot where I could clean up without first paddling out … Continue reading »

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A Brief Return to the Swamp

It got pretty warm today. The low tide was around midday. The sky was mostly overcast, but there was only a light breeze, so I had to make a dash for it and hope for the best. The image on the left illustrates the wardrobe I chose for the occasion. When I arrived at the … Continue reading »

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After-mud clip from October 3

After I shot the swallowing clip on October 3, I reset the camera for some horsing around. This clip opens where the first one left off. I burst from the mud and wriggle out. Then the scene changes to a very tight (a little too tight) camera shot, as I do some head-first mud diving, … Continue reading »

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Swallowed on Mud Beach (clip release)

I finally managed to release the video from October 3. I have been trying to get out to get some more video, but the weather and tides have not been in my favor. This clip opens with me, slogging through the water, and looking for a place to rest. The muddy beach looks like a … Continue reading »

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Thick Mud in Speedos

The tide wasn’t as low as I would have hoped, today, but it was low enough to expose some really thick mud for about an hour. I exploited that window of opportunity and got very muddy! The first image (top left) is the setup for the movie I shot. Here you see an exhausted swimmer(?) … Continue reading »

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2013-Oct-01 Improvising

I made yet another attempt at mudding, yesterday. Yesterday was my 3rd trip to the swamp that didn’t work out as planned, thanks to a high tide level. It may be seasonal, or it may be the moon phase. Anyway, yesterday was the worst low tide I’ve encountered in some time. Even my peat bog … Continue reading »

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