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The sun came out today for the first time in a week. Sadly, the forecast is for rain the rest of the week. With the higher than usual tides caused by the closer than usual moon, and all the rain we’ve been having, I’m afraid it will be at least two more weeks before I’ll … Continue reading »

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A New Clip From 2014

This is a unique clip, in that it starts with some rather animated self-bondage struggles, but it ends in drowning. What Could Go Wrong? opens after I’ve managed to complete about two thirds of a bondage and I lose my balance and wind up hanging from the pole. I recover from that and retie myself … Continue reading »

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Swamp Self Bondage (new clip)

I just released Swamp Self Bondage, 2015-09-10 in my clip store. The clip includes the last minute of the self-tying effort, because I wanted to show how I came to look like a mud vampire. Spoiler: it was because I had to put the muddy rope between my teeth to tighten the knot. The clip … Continue reading »

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It was an adventure

I have some regrets, but I got a moderate low tide and no rain. I think the tide was assisted by a wind out of the northwest. I wish I had left earlier. When I arrived at the creek, the tide was already pretty low, so I lost about 40 minutes of play time to … Continue reading »

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This picture is the epitome of the past few weeks, for me. If we’re not getting a deluge that floods the creek for days, we’re getting showers almost daily that make shooting nearly impossible. Apparently, the moon is not passing directly overhead, so our tides are just lame. I haven’t actually looked at the moon, … Continue reading »

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Public Service Announcement

Something everyone should know about the swamp. Download Link

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Sudden Death! (new clip)

This is the clip I shot on August 30, when I had limited time for messing around; which is literally what I’m doing, out there in the swamp mud. It’s just a barely controlled messing, most of the time. So I appear in this clip wearing a cropped white t-shirt and wet, black cut-offs. I … Continue reading »

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