New Mud Pit Clip

Posted by on May 13, 2024

This is a combination mud pit, bondage, wedgie, and hip gyrating clip. It’s actually a little story about a mud slave who doesn’t want to work, so he is punished with a really tight, ball crushing, rope harness over tight jean shorts. Things get progressively worse, since the mud slave can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, since the ropes on his genitals are making him horny. It’s really a very sad story. You probably don’t want to see it, so just ignore this post altogether.

When I shot this clip, it sort of evolved into a story. If I had planned it, I would probably have ended up gagged, but I barely had enough rope to get properly roped into the pit. The really true part of the entire saga is that I was getting very horny. By the end of the video, where I pull out my penis, there is a barely noticeable drool of pre-cum.

I have more of the story in the description in my clip store. Here is a link: A Reluctant Mud Slave Gets Punished

Of course, I pretty much have to make a teaser for every clip, these days. The kids expect a lot of me. So here is that …

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