Another Trip Through the Shortcut

Posted by on May 9, 2024

I hadn’t taken the shortcut in a long time. I wanted to take TannerQS through it, but I’m really glad I didn’t. There is no way he would have made it through. It took me 2.5 hours, yesterday and almost 100% of that time was slogging through waist deep or deeper mud. The few chances I had to paddle were very brief.

I started out around 16:00 and I finished my trip close to 20:00. That includes a few miles of paddling on open water and cleaning up after the muddy slog. Either way, it was a marathon and a full body workout.

In this clip, I struggle with my boat, I play in deep mud, and I use every method I can think of to move my body and my boat towards the goal. The tide was going out the entire time I was struggling desperately to make progress. By the time I was half way through, there was very little water left in the channel, so the going got really hard. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting on the high tide, because it was getting dark. It was a really good time.

You can check out the full clip here: A Mile of Mud

You can find the teaser, below, and a gallery of frames below that.

I selected 10 images for my promotional composite, but I could only use 4, and I have to make them smaller. So here are 9 of 10 (# 10 is at the top of this post) for you to check out.

7 Responses to Another Trip Through the Shortcut

  1. Hennie

    Hi Doug,I love this long video.Very hot wading and sinking most crotchdeep in waterly black mud.Nice wearing tight kind of jeans.May be once you like to wear ur tight blue bikini in mud adventures or exploring the creek.But this video is excelent with many thanks.

    • mudbondage

      Thank you, Hennie. I am glad you liked it. I knew you’d be happier if I wore a bikini or a thong, but I wanted to do this one as “John Marsh”. His signature outfit is jean cutoffs and a crop top or a safari shirt tied in a knot in front so it reveals his midriff.

      This is the ultimate swamp adventure in my swamp, so John Marsh had to do it, at least once. 🙂

  2. Dolphin

    Fantastically exciting video…one of the best you’ve every done. The struggle in the liquid mud up to your chin is superb. Do it again using Hennie’s suggestion of a bikini or a thong. That would be even more fantastically erotic. Your struggle in the liquid mud was super erotic and such a turn on. Superb video of the John Marsh adventure!

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Dolphin. Once I recover from this trip, I’ll plan a second trip. I don’t know if I’ll get lucky enough to have such a low tide, again. I’ll probably go when the tide is earlier, so I can spend more time playing around in the “good” spots.

  3. Hennie

    Hi Doug ,I am looking forward to your planning second trip and playing in “good”mud spots.Also thanks to Dolphin for supporting wearing an erotic bikini or something like that..I know Doug, you often wear erotic stuff f.i.the black and red briefs,what gives very horny feelings.Don,t forget the mastubations in the mud.
    Thanks for all your efforts and hope to continue.

  4. Hennie…wow,that promised a hot and muddy summer.My PC screen will have the function of splashboard

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