A Weekend of Mudding

Posted by on May 6, 2024

I went out to the swamp on May 4 and May 5. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for it. I hosted @Tannerquicksand (on X) in my swamp. The first day we went out, I took him out to Hunters Creek, which is a 2.5 mile paddle. We lost a lot of time on the paddle, but Tanner got to spend about 90 minutes in the mud before the tide got too high.

The Clay Pit

Tanner started the next day in my clay pit. I took some photos for him, helped him with his clay pit video and posted a couple photos on X (Twitter). After recovering the clay, we were heading out into the swamp, again to catch the low tide. This time we had a shorter paddle, and I invited my camera guy because I thought we were going to shoot something together. First I took Tanner to the peat mud hole where he wanted to shoot for his OnlyFans, so camera guy and I had to go somewhere else to talk quiety, and wait for him to finish.

Shooting a live stream for TannerQS

While Tanner was shooting content in my peat mud, I was watching the tide, which was still going out. I interrupted Tanner so we could go somewhere else while the tide was still going out. I took him to one of my favorite deep mud spots. I held his phone for him so he could do a live stream, and camera guy took some still photos and videos after which we returned to the canoe to wait while Tanner shot his video for OnlyFans.

I probably should have been more assertive about getting something unique while Tanner was here. I grabbed a few behind-the-scenes shots and camera guy took a few pictures of me, so it wasn’t a total loss. Any day I get to spend in the swamp is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I’m glad Tanner got to enjoy some of my favorite mudding spots and I assume he got lots of content he can sell or use to promote himself … gotta pay for the drive out here, ya know? I would have covered more miles and gotten way more content if I had gone alone. I wish Heather was still in town.

I haven’t even gone through all the video, yet. I might put something together for my blog, when I get the time. You’re going to have to wait for my next trip for any new clips.

3 Responses to A Weekend of Mudding

  1. coney

    Very much sounds like you regretted his visit 😐

    • mudbondage

      I have mixed feelings about it. I know I could have had a much more hard core mudding adventure if I had been solo, but networking has the potential to increase my exposure in the community, so it could pay off.

      To be fair, I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t held me back when I set out on an expedition. I’m not a big, muscular guy, but I’m wiry and my endurance is really good. Also, I use all those muscles on a regular basis. 🙂

      If I had any real complaints it would just be that we were supposed to shoot some content for my store. I’m sure we would have, had I insisted. I didn’t really have anything planned, so I didn’t really make a point of it.

  2. mudbondage

    I did post a video on X (@mudbondage) that shows some of the highlights of the weekend. I’m not sure if I want to post it here. This site is already using too much bandwidth.

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