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Posted by on May 25, 2024

A Quickie in the Swamp is a mixed bag of scenes. There is no theme. The only consistent thing is what I’m wearing. I get out of my boat, walk over to one of my favorite mud holes to do some maintenance on it. I then walk over to the really deep pool of mud where I sink a little before I dive in, head-first. I just generally wallow around, get out and walk over to a new spot, then lie back and partially cover myself in slippery mud so I can avoid the cool breeze and play with my penis for a while before I decide I’m too cold to finish.

I had some audio issues while shooting the video, but I think I papered over them in my edit, so you shouldn’t be bothered by them, although there are some subtle hints of trouble. Unfortunately, it made some of the video unusable.

Check out the trailer below, and here is my store link: A Quickie in the Swamp

The elements haven’t been working in my favor, lately. Our weather has been unpredictable and stormy. The tides have been tepid, at best, and my trusty live tide gauge is out of commission, so I cannot monitor the water level in real time. 🙁

I do hope to shoot some new content, soon. I still need to figure out exactly what is causing my audio issues. I think it’s my external microphone, but I need to be sure before I can trust my camera not to mess up more of my video. Working in the salt water is hard on gear; especially microphones.

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  1. Hennie

    Hi Doug,I am glad with this new clip.It is so hot, wearing the fucking hot tiny low rise,lean cut blue bikini,which provides only coverage where it counts.Love the walking and wallowing in in the mud.

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