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Posted by on May 22, 2024

I’m not dead, and I’m still working on mud and bondage content. I have been spending some time, setting up complicated bondage scenes, because when I have an image in my head, I need to act it out and record it. If for no other reason, to have documentation of my idea. Sometimes I need to document the “how” as much as the “what”, because it require some creative thinking to get in and out of these predicaments without help.

As far as mud goes, I’ve mostly been working on my mud pit in the woods. On May 20, I set out to remix the mud and move some clay from the clay pit to the mud pit, in the hope that it would improve the texture and thickness of the mud.

I really wanted to dig the existing mud out of the mud pit before I added the clay. I laid out a tarp to shovel the mud onto, but the recent rains had saturated the ground to the point that the hydraulic pressure outside the liner was pushing the liner in where the mud had been removed. So, I opted to add the clay and move the mud around as much as I could to work the clay deeper into the mud.

After working on the mud pit, I went out to the forest for a hike and to explore some potential mud. I shot a little video as I walked in the stream, but it was getting dark and when I got to the place I hoped to sink, the water was too high (probably a high tide). I also noted that the area has grown up with vegetation since my last visit. I’m not sure if it will be worth revisiting, since I have many better places to sink at low tide. I do like the ambiance of the forest (kind of a tropical jungle look), but there is also the poison ivy thing.

On May 21, I did my bondage photo in the morning and after work I returned to the mud pit. I was going to shoot something to sell, but I was in a dark mood and I was having trouble getting motivated to do much of anything, so I decided I’d just torture myself in the mud pit and try some different things.

My first idea was to “dive” into the mud pit, head first, with my genitals tied to the hard point above the pit. The idea was that I wouldn’t be able to right myself, but it didn’t really work that way. Also, the water on the surface of the pit went right up my nose when I dove into the pit. That was not a good way to get started.

I mostly recovered from the water up my nose before I set up the next scene where my ankles were tied to a post outside the pit and my genitals were hiked up from the front, so my head and my upper body would be able to sink while I bucked my hips to tease my cock and balls. That scene worked alright, but I was in no danger of sinking into the thick mud without a lot of effort. It was kind of cool, in that once I worked my head under, it was equally difficult to pull it back out.

My final scene was different, in that I wasn’t held up by my genitals, but rather held down by them. That one was the closest I got to genital torture, and I really couldn’t get out until my timer released me. That was also the first setup where I could get my entire body into the thick mud. It was a pretty good time.

I was horny after all this, and I really wanted to do one final scene where I masturbated to orgasm on camera, but (sorry, guys) I was getting cold and I felt the best thing would be to get rinsed off, dry, and into some warm clothes before I got hypothermia.

Below are some more video frames from my adventures on May 20/21. I’m sure I’ll have a new video, eventually. I’ve been editing the video as I go, but getting a video finalized and published takes time.

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  1. Hennie

    Hi Doug,nice pics,special in close up your muddy red speedo.Youve mixed your mud pit clay with black Mud.?

    • mudbondage

      Thanks, Hennie. I am mixing at least some clay with the black mud. The black mud was too sandy and the clay is too thick. I hope by combining the two, I’d get some smoother goo that I could still sink into.

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