New Clip: Looking for Trouble

Posted by on March 13, 2024

I put a new clip in my clip store. It is more like the kind I usually give away; not a lot of mud, and pretty short. However, I really needed to update my clip store, so I edited a 3 minute FHD clip and added it to my store. I really don’t expect it to be a big seller. It does feature lots of butt and crotch shots of me, wearing either my tiniest jean shorts, or an equally tiny, blue, bikini swimsuit. I am barefooted, throughout, and I explore a variety of watery locations. At the end, I stumble into some deep-ish mud, sink up to my crotch and drag myself out.

The clip is too short to make a teaser/trailer. Here is the link: Looking for Trouble, 2024-03-10

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