Back to the Swamp

Posted by on July 12, 2022

This expedition will be forever known as the one where I forgot to put my wallet in a safe place, and I lost it somewhere along my long slog through the swamp. There is a slim chance I’ll find it, but I’ve already applied for a replacement driver’s license and new credit/debit cards. There wasn’t a ton of cash in my wallet, so it wasn’t a signifcant monetary loss; mostly just a huge inconvenience.

By the time this video starts, I’ve already lost my wallet, but I don’t discover that I lost it until I am finished sinking and getting cleaned up and I check my phone, which is in the same safe/dry spot where my wallet was supposed to be. However, after carefully stowing my wallet for the trip, I had stopped along the way to the river to purchase a watermelon. I took my wallet out to pay for the watermelon and thoughtlessly put it in my back pocket, which is not a safe place. When I’m dragging my boat through swamp grass or slogging through waist deep or deeper mud, nothing on my body is safe.


2 Responses to Back to the Swamp

  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    A great teaser…I hope you plan some sinking videos from this trip, even though it was not the happiest of swamp adventures. As always your selection of briefs was superb!

    • mudbondage

      Sadly, clip sales have plummeted so it’s hard to justify the time it takes to edit and publish clips. I’ll eventually get around to the best ones, but I’m guessing a lot of video isn’t going to make it. I’m struggling to get $200/month in sales across all of my clip stores. That isn’t enough to justify the time it takes to clean cameras, tripods, etc., edit video, publish it and promote it.

      I don’t think people have as much money to spend, and the long term trend has been downward, anyway.

      The good news is that I’m expecting a co-conspirator next month. Maybe having a new face in the videos, and being able to operate the camera (like in “The Trespasser”) will give me a sales boost and make it a little more interesting for me.

      We’ll see.

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not getting many comments these days. I don’t know if none of the blog members are seeing my updates, of if they just don’t bother to comment. It takes me at least an hour to put together a trip report with pictures and video. It’s probably a waste of time.