New Clip in my Red Speedo

Posted by on June 6, 2024

I went back for a 3rd day in the swamp on June 3, 2024. I shot two videos and played in the mud until the tide came back in. It actually a pretty long low tide. I got a lot of sun over the course of 3 swamp trip in 3 days, but I managed to avoid getting sunburned.

This new clip features most of the things I recorded while wearing my super tight, red, Speedo bikini. I got some shots while the suit was still clean and, of course, I got it really muddy. The mud was thick and deep, so I struggled a lot. The struggle was real. I showed my muddy crotch at times, I dove head first into the mud, once, I got inverted a couple of times, and I went completely under. It was all for fun, of course; nothing too dramatic or serious, although there was a while there where I was feeling really stuck and struggling hard against the relentless grip of the mud.

Red Speedo in the Swamp, 2024-06-03

You might also check out my post on X that has some scenes from this clip. I posted my Vlog for 6/3 on X.

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