New Clip: Red G-String

Posted by on June 9, 2024

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I paddled out to my spot on Hunters Creek on June 7. I spent the night in the forest and paddled back the next day. I shot this video in a red, latex g-string. The video opens as I am getting out of my boat. I played in two different mud holes. The first one was pretty thin mud, so I pumped my hips in and out of the mud. I dove head-first into the next spot, which was thicker mud. I go through my usual hi-jinks; playing with myself, doing backflips, etc.

Red Latex G-String in the Swamp

2 Responses to New Clip: Red G-String

  1. Hennie

    Hi Doug, is so unbelievable hot going down in mud only wearing a red,tiny,supersexy thong which only cover your genetials.Love the moves with your hips to show ur fat,great muddy bulge.
    Also wallowing after a dive in the mud is very hot.Great video this time,many thanks.

  2. Dolphin

    Love the thong and how you filmed it. I’ve enjoyed a couple of mud ponds in a similar kind of thong…and some great JO..wearing it.

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