New Swamp Clip in Denim Short-shorts

Posted by on June 1, 2024

Treacherous Mud in Denim features a muddy struggle in the swamp, wearing tiny denim short-shorts, a whilte crop-top t-shirt and my hat. I get mired down to my crotch shortly after leaving my kayak. I sink deep enough to get my shorts muddy before I extract myself and the camera gets a good shot of my muddy jean shorts. I slip while trying to jump across the mud and I end up back in some very deep mud where I must be very careful to avoid sinking too deep. Again, I manage to pull myself out and the clip ends with more closeups of my muddy crotch.

I shot more video, today (June 1, 2024), so I will have at least one more clip to publish. I’ll have a tiny, latex thong clip, and possibly some wallowing in these denim shorts, without the hat or t-shirt. Check back in a few days, if you’re looking for even less coverage, and some muddy cock stroking. For now, it’s just this little drama. I hope you like it.

Here is the clip link, again: Treacherous Mud in Denim, 2024-06-01

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