New Slogging Clip

Posted by on December 1, 2023

This clip contains much of what was in this vlog from April 23, last year. If you enjoyed that vlog, you’ll probably enjoy this clip. Although you’ve seen much of it before, the commercial clip is longer and full HD quality.

I am wearing copper/bronze colored briefs with a front that really enhances my package. They are also thin and silky, so they are quite stimulating. I slog through the thick, marsh mud; mostly up to my thighs, sometimes deeper. Eventually, I get completely covered in mud, I lie on the mud and rub my crotch, roll over and show off my muddy butt, etc. There are a lot of muddy crotch and muddy ass shots in this clip. I hope someone enjoys it.

Store link: A Muddy Slog, 2022-04-23

I created a new teaser, because I needed something short.

6 Responses to New Slogging Clip

  1. nakedbuffbody

    Hi Doug, great little clip here. Love those tight skimpy shorts on you. I would love a pair of them, but my mud sinking days may be over. I hope not. About 4 wks ago I was out back sinking in one of my old spots taking advantage of the really warm weather. Well my mud hole ended up being a bit thicker than I expected. Got sucked down to my rib cage and was stuck. After lots of struggle I managed to get out, but messed up my right knee from the thick mud sucking against my every pull to get out. Not torn but my MCL is damaged and severe twist sprain to the right knee, along with a Medial Meniscal Tear. So Im using a hinged knee support and light exercises for maybe a heal time in 3 months. All I know is it hurts like hell. Hopefully I ll be back sinking by spring. But during that sink it was awesome as the feeling of that thick mud sucking me in. What a hard on. Well hope this fall season finds you well. You take care of yourself and don’t do the stupid thing I did. I should have known better to sink that far in that thick of mud.

    • mudbondage

      Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about your injury. My clay pit is like that. I warn everyone not to sink deep. I keep my garden hose nearby when I work myself down into it, so I can pump water around my legs to free them. The danger is real.

      I injured myself in early October doing something completely different, but I’m nearly fully recovered. It’s been about 2 months and my right ankle still gives me some pain.

  2. nakedbuffbody

    Oh yes I remember seeing your warnings on such sinking. But usually this area has small little water streams feeding the sinking which usually, applies the needed slippage to get out. But like yourself, the fun and pleasures we experience also comes with the real issue of the dangers. As with your area, we also have an occasional gator that may wonder thru. And yes I envy you in those bronze shorts. Very sleek and sexy. You dont know how many times I sat watching your videos wishing I was there with you. But I also understand and respect your reasoning as to why you dont have people with you. Again, always very pleased with your work. Top shelf in my book. Well You take care, its winter, heal that ankle as I will heal my knee. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Hennie

    Hi Doug,I love this video.I watched it already many times.It so hot wearing a nice bronze brief which has a sexy look.It is fine to watch you are wading in crotch/waistdeep mud,which has the just consistentie.
    Great,you often show off in close ups,your muddy fat bulge.I am sure I will often watch this hot video.
    many times.Thanks for sharing.
    To Nakedbuffbody;Poor man,a struggle in mud to try to come out off the mud can be very nice,but if it ended in hurting your knee that changed the story.I wish you a soon recovery of the wounded knee and have enjoyment in sinking in black mud again.