New Clip: Treacherous (weighted) Self Bondage

Posted by on December 9, 2023

This clip from July 2022 is long because the struggle was real. There isn’t really much to see in this clip, since I spend the vast majority of it, covered in mud. However, the audio is pretty hot, if you like this sort of scene. I know my moaning was getting me hot and bothered while I was editing this. The theme of this clip is self bondage with a weight tied to my body that pulls me down and holds me under. It’s been over a year since I shot this scene, so it was kind of new to me. I actually enjoyed editing it. I did my best to remove the slower bits, and I got it down to under 28 minutes.

I kept some of the tying, but I mostly kept the untying, because that was a real struggle and sometimes I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to get free. (I did have a backup plan, in case you get worried.)

There is a bit at the end where I am out of the mud and rubbing my tender genitals, but that is only a small part of this clip. In those final shots, I talk about how horny I was and how intense was the experience of being held under the mud by a heavy weight attached to my genitals. Clip link: Treacherous Self Bondage, 2022-07-23

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