New Messy Masturbation Clip

This clip opens with a scene that is impossible to shoot, because the key parts of the scene are submerged in the muck. So, I keep that bit pretty short and I transition to the post-immersion masturbation scene.

I’m wearing a tiny latex brief, but you don’t see much of it. I would have released this video a long time ago if I had had more to work with. The good news is that it does end with an orgasm.

This clip brings back fond memories of warmer weather. It’s November, now, and it looks like it’s going to be a long, mudless winter. The tides were terrible in October and it’s just too cold, now.

Store link: A Submerged Fantasy, 2023-08-11

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New Clip: Sunny Day in the Swamp

This was recorded on August 9, 2022. The first clip released from this day was an exploring clip. This clip picks up where that one leaves off. I am pretty much enjoying a warm sunny day with an excellent low tide. I start out in tiny jean-style briefs and finish in a thong (only the last minute or two). There are some muddy crotch shots, some wallowing, slogging, and finally some cleanup in the creek.

Here is the link to my store: A Sunny Day in the Swamp, and the teaser/trailer is below …

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New Clip: The Escape Attempt

This clip is essentially another “stuck” clip, but this one features barefoot bondage and my super tight white shorts. My favorite part of this clip is where I roll, head-over-heels, down the hill with my wrists and ankles tied. That is something I’ve wanted to get in a movie since I was in puberty. I saw something in a movie back then where the hero was rolling down a hill with his ankles in shackles. I don’t remember if his wrists were also cuffed, but something about that scene stuck with me.

In this clip, I wake up in the forest with my wrists and ankles bound. I struggle to my feet and hop away to escape the people who left me there. I tumble down the hill, then I hop into a muddy spot that turns out to be too deep and sticky for me to get out of with my limbs bound. A protracted struggle ensues. It’s a night-time scene, also, which makes it kind of special.

The Escape Attempt, 2023-09-29

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New Stuck Clip & Adventure Report

This new clip is actually pretty real. The only dramatic enhancements are that I wouldn’t be stupid enough to rock back and forth on my legs if I were not trying to get stuck. Beyond that, I really did get myself very much stuck. The clip is virtually unedited; the struggle was very real. I wasn’t really worried, because I knew I’d dig myself out, eventually, but I’d suggest you do not do what I do unless you can stay calm and determined until you break free.

On this trip, I was actually in search of some place to shoot a little mud drama. I wasn’t sure what sort of drama I was going to record, because I didn’t know what sort of mud I was going to find. I was pretty sure I was going to sink in my boots, which meant I was probably going to have a difficult time extracting myself.

The forest received a good deal of rain, recently, so the streams were flowing nicely, and I love the sound of the cascading water. I don’t live near any mountain streams, so I appreciate any chance I get to enjoy a babbling brook.

The real surprise was the bears that graced me with their magnificent presence. I had taken off my pack on a fallen tree when the bears just appeared out of nowhere, completely oblivious to my presence. I was able to watch them for several precious minutes, and I recorded the entire thing with my camera. This is my third bear sighting in the forest, this year. They are always a treat to watch. This is the first time they were close enough for me to get any good video of them. It doesn’t hurt that it was a mama-bear with two cubs; so cute.

Anyway, check out my new stuck clip here: Stuck in the Forest

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New Erotic Clip: A Muddy Mess

This is another clip from last year. I’m trying to get through my backlog. I might even have some clips from 2021 that haven’t been edited. Anyway, I shot two bondage clips on Aug 23, 2022. One of those has been released. This is not the other one … it is a lot of video that I shot that would not be included in the other two clips, while I was just enjoying myself, or when I was doing a special immersion scene that doesn’t really make a good video all by itself because all the action is hidden under the mud.

A Muddy Mess, 2022-08-23

p.s. The promotion ended on Sept 20, but there is another one tomorrow (9/23) that offers you a discount on purchases over $23. You must be logged into C4S to get the discount.

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Locating Mud (free video)

John Marsh went out exploring the forest, again on September 17. Here is a short video from his expedition.

People often ask me how I find good places to sink. This video gives you a clue (like other exploring videos I’ve posted in the past). You can’t tell where you’re going to be able to sink deep, or where the texture of the mud is going to be perfect without sinking in it. I could probably use a pole to check depth, but that wouldn’t tell me if I’m going to encounter buried timber and other obstructions that the pole might slip right past.

The bottom line is that every mud hole I visit has been discovered this way. I have slogged through miles and miles of muddy bottoms and salt marsh to find those perfect spots. I can tell you where you’ll have the best chance of success, but really great spots are rare.

In a nutshell, you want to find a spot that used to be a deep hole and has since filled in with silt. That could include the classic settling pond where sand-washing plants eject their clay-rich water and the clay settles out, although most of those are heavily guarded. It also includes places where a stream path has been altered and an old oxbow has been abandoned by the stream and has since filled up with loose silt. Of course, estuaries can have bottomless muck; just stay far enough from the ocean that you don’t encounter oyster shells.

If an area is heavily wooded, there is a 95% chance that the tree roots are too thick for you to sink. You’ll have to find clearings where large trees can’t seem to grow; that could mean unstable ground, or maybe it’s just too wet for tree roots to breathe, but either way, you may be able to sink.

The bottom line is that you have to get out there and get muddy if you’re going to discover that perfect spot.

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New Sinking Clip: Swallowed …

Swallowed in Quicksand is a little different from my recent clips, in that it is both a serious sink, and I am erotically aroused by the mud, so I’m breathing hard and moaning as the quicksand pulls me down, but I’m also realizing that there can be no returning from the depths of this trap. It’s a good time.

Unfortunately, the camera stopped recording before I would have preferred. I had gone as deep as I was going to go, but I kind of wanted to capture my struggle as I worked my body back out of the muck. Maybe next time.

Please use this link to purchase before Sept 20: Swallowed in Quicksand, 2023-09-11

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Vlog for September 11

On September 11, 2023, I drove to Long Point to launch on the White Oak River because a recon trip the day before revealed that the tides appeared to be getting lower on the river than on my local creek. I have a theory about my local creek. I’ll have to take a paddle trip to confirm it, someday.

I launched from Long Point around 14:40 (2:40pm) and took the shortcut across the swamp grass to get to Hunters Creek faster. I arrived at the creek about an hour later. I’m still not sure my shortcut is really faster than paddling the extra 2 miles on the river, but it’s physically demanding, which I guess I enjoy.

I wasted some time after arriving at the creek, slogging through some mud that I had probably already explored, but I wasn’t sure if I had gone through there at low tide, so I took a detour. I didn’t actually do a lot in the mud. I wanted to sink in the silky mud on the shore of the creek. I set up my camera, did a really fun sink and realized, after I extracted myself, that I hadn’t started the camera. So, I washed off and did the entire thing again. By that time, the tide was coming back in. I had arrived kind of late, as it was.

Here is my video trip report:

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Another Travelogue

Today I went out at “low tide” to check some things and spend some time on the water. I knew we weren’t likely to have a low tide, and we didn’t. Ever since Idalia (tropical storm) went through, I haven’t had a low tide. The flood waters receded long ago, but I think the storm surge and/or prevailing winds might be holding on.

Anyway, I went out in my speedo so I’d be in the mood to get wet. As you’ll see from my vlog, I did get wet. I did some exploring and got my feet muddy. I goofed off a little, while navigating up a tiny creek. I don’t have much to say about the trip. I hope my short vlog speaks for itself.

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New Clip: Naked Cock

This one was recorded over a year ago, but I’m still way behind on editing. I enjoy going into the swamp, and recording some video along the way isn’t too much trouble, but taking the time to edit and publish clips is neither fun, nor profitable.

Anyway, last July I went out in my cock ring thong and played with myself in the soft, warm swamp muck. I tied a rope cock-ring to my junk to tease myself. Otherwise, it was just me and a thong that doesn’t hide anything. This isn’t my best masturbation video, ever, but I figured it deserved to be published. I hope someone finds it titillating.

Naked Cock in the Swamp, 2022-07-21

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New Clip: Headfirst into Tragedy

In this clip, John Marsh dives head first into the swamp muck and proceeds to get stuck. He struggles in vain to free his legs from the grip of the quicksand. He eventually succumbs to the depths of the mud. It’s a very sad story. 😉

Please follow the store link from this page if you want to purchase this clip: Headfirst Into Tragedy, 2023-08-12

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New WAM Clip: Black, nylon briefs

This clip features a lot of slogging and posing in wet, muddy, black, nylon briefs. These scenes are both the before and after a head-first immersion drama I shot the same day. You can find some of this video footage in my vlog from August 12, but it will be abbreviated and in reduced quality in my vlog.

Check out the teaser and be sure to follow this link if you want to purchase the full clip.

Store link: Wet & Muddy Nylon Briefs, 2023-08-12

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New Clip: John Marsh at Work

This is a behind the scenes video of a day in the life of John Marsh when he is shooting swamp video. There isn’t really any sinking in this clip. If that’s what you want, just hold on for a day or two.

In the beginning of this clip we see John checking out some mud on the shore of the river. Next we see him making the crossing to the creek. He drags the kayaks over a land crossing and into a narrow, muddy channel where he has to walk both boats through the mucky channel while his photographer rides in the boat behind him, shooting video. When John arrives at the larger creek he takes off his denim shorts and does his first scene in black, nylon briefs (the full scenes are not part of this story). He climbs back into his boat and next we see him landing his boat where he will do his last two scenes. He dallies a bit in the black mud before climbing onto the bank and getting tied to a large cedar tree on the bank. Next he is in super tight, super short white cutoffs and he is leading his photographer to the next location. Finally, we see the aftermath of the third scene.

Note: There will be more content coming in the next 2 weeks because C4S is doing a promotion that pays *double* my usual commission *if* the purchaser uses a link from my website or social media to visit C4S and make their purchase. Please use this link: John Marsh at Work, 2023-08-13 if you want to purchase this clip.

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New Clip: Wrists Tied on a Shaky Bridge

This clip is really a quickmud drowning clip, but I try to come up with unique names, so I named it for the opening scene.

John Marsh is trying to escape by crossing a makeshift, broken down bridge over a muddy canal with his wrists tied behind his back. He is barefoot and naked except for a pair of short, black, pleather shorts. He doesn’t make it across the shaky bridge, but instead falls into the muddy canal. He soon discovers that the mud is no ordinary mud. It is bottomless quickmud that slowly pulls him under, as he is helpless to even put up a fight with his wrists bound behind him. He slowly descends until there are only bubbles emerging where he vanished under the quickmud.

C4S Description

Clips4Sale Store Link: Wrists Tied on a Shaky Bridge

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Vlog for Aug 27

On Saturday, Aug 26, I added some pleats to my super-tiny denim short-shorts, so I wore them on my trip into the swamp the next day. I had about an hour to play at low tide, and I used some of it to shoot some arrival video. I cleaned up a little before diving head first into the mud for my feature of the day. I did some really dangerous stuff off-camera as the tide was coming in. When the lightning and thunder from a band of thunderstorms started getting close, I decided to head for my cleanup spot. I got rained on a little bit on my way out, but the rain stopped before I got to where I planned to clean up.

This vlog is a little long, so it is pretty low quality, again. I shared as much of my trip as I could. Maybe, after I’m dead, someone will go through all this old video and make a full length documentary out of it. 🙂

I will be releasing some new material for the September C4S special. Hopefully, that will help pay for the camera I had to replace.

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