New Stuck Clip: It’s So Thick

Posted by on April 2, 2024

I went out into the swamp on Sunday, March 31 and I shot some video, wearing my tiny PVC briefs. Don’t ask me why I wore them; I didn’t even know what I’d find in the swamp, as we had recently had a lot of rain and the creek has been running high. I spotted a new spot that I didn’t remember exploring and I stopped there to stomp around in the mud and see what sort of perils I could find. It turned out that there were a couple deep spots. The mud was really thick, so it would have taken a long time to go really deep; assuming the mud was deep enough. I got nearly up to my waist in the first place I discovered. It was really difficult to get out because the mud was thick and did not want to let me go.

The second spot I wandered into wasn’t as deep, so I wasn’t there as long. This video ends as I walked away from the second spot with my muddy legs and PVC briefs. My adventure continued (more for the next clip) when I arrived at one of my soft, bottomless mud spots and spent some time there.

To be continued …

It’s So Thick, 2024-03-31 (teaser below)

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  1. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Great video. Love the briefs, of course. I’ve been stuck in thick mud down at my favourite mud beach down at San onofre State Beach. One time, I was up to my waist in the thick mud and guy came by and asked if I wanted some help. I said yes, and he walked out to lend a hand and got stuck too. We had a super sexy time both trying to get out and had much beach sex fun afterwards. A grea memory triggered by your video. Thanks.

    • mudbondage

      Hello, Dolphin. Glad you enjoyed the video. I’m not sure how I’d respond if someone offered to help me out of the mud. I might say yes if I found the person attractive. Otherwise, I think I’d try to hide. 😉

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