Free clip: Uncertain Footing

Posted by on March 6, 2024

John Marsh was out for a hike, bare footed, wearing his signature jean shorts and carrying a heavy backpack. He set about exploring a marshland near his favorite creek.

This is a pretty large video, so I may take it down in the near future.

4 Responses to Free clip: Uncertain Footing

  1. Silverlake

    The only thing I’m certain of is that the footing is uncertain! 😉

    Nice to see you’ve begun making trips out! Here’s hoping we see the hungry peat suck you under more this summer!

  2. Dolphin

    Hello Doug…

    Those jean shorts are so, so sexy…and erotic. Look forward to seeing you in those shorts as you sink up to your nipples. Great teaser.

    • mudbondage

      Those are my official “John Marsh” shorts. I’m still working on a little drama called “The Adventures of John Marsh, Vol 1”. So far John is just slogging through shallow mud, climbing on fallen logs, etc. I’ve been desperately searching for quicksand (deep mud) in a forest area, so John can get caught while hiking. I have that one spot I’ve used for a couple clips, but it is probably not going to be deep enough. When I venture closer to the salt marsh in the forest, I get into a lot of poison ivy, which I cannot tolerate. 🙁

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