New Winter Mud Clip

Posted by on February 9, 2024

This is one of two clips I shot on January 26. I started out in a red Speedo (this clip) and I finished in my denim cutoffs (not yet edited).

I start out this clip, leaving my boat on the shore and climbing across a fallen tree to explore a muddy area that is mostly covered in marsh grass. I didn’t want to sink too deep, because the river was icy cold and I just wasn’t in the mood for a swim in cold water. It was a nice day, but it was also the end if the day, so the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping off.

The video shows me, getting back into the boat and trying not to let the soft mud pull me any deeper. I sank up to my crotch before I managed to wriggle onto the boat.

Next, I step off into an inviting mud shelf on the side of Hunters Creek. The tide was not really low. It wouldn’t be low until after sunset, but it was low enough to expose a shelf of smooth, black mud. I wasn’t sure how deep I would sink when I stepped off the boat. Sadly, it was only about knee deep in that spot. I slogged around, looking for deeper mud. Eventually, I ended up sinking up to my waist at the edge of the shelf; near the water.

The sun was setting, so I wriggled free and got cleaned up (on camera) as well as I could in the shallow, cold water with a soft, muddy bottom.

Winter Exploring in a Red Speedo, 2024-01-26

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