New Clip: Sunny Day in the Swamp

Posted by on November 3, 2023

This was recorded on August 9, 2022. The first clip released from this day was an exploring clip. This clip picks up where that one leaves off. I am pretty much enjoying a warm sunny day with an excellent low tide. I start out in tiny jean-style briefs and finish in a thong (only the last minute or two). There are some muddy crotch shots, some wallowing, slogging, and finally some cleanup in the creek.

Here is the link to my store: A Sunny Day in the Swamp, and the teaser/trailer is below …

One Response to New Clip: Sunny Day in the Swamp

  1. Hennie

    Hi Doug,I appreciate this new video very much.So hot wearing a kind af black brief and wallowing with your nice body in nice thin waterly mud.I also could spent in this mud pit a whole afternoon.I was surpprised also wearing a black Yufeida thong,looks so hot wearing this in the mud.The brand is also my favorite,I wear these sexy items,I must say, day and night.