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New, Feature Length Clip

Enough with all the shorts and freebies! I assembled a clip that has multiple scenes in the same location, billed as a series of torments that poor John has to endure. In most of the scenes, John’s handcuffs are captured in his rope harness, behind his back. Just that little bit can be impossible to escape and is severely limiting. Add ankle bondage, a gag, and tether him to a tree, and John is left with no choice but to tease and frustrate himself as he struggles, helplessly.

Please consider supporting my efforts by purchasing this clip, or another clip, from my clip store. You can find this clip here: Crotchroped and Handcuffed in the Woods

New Clip: Hillside CBT

This clip is a serious, losing battle with gravity. The hill doesn’t look steep, but it’s too steep for John to keep from sliding down, and the only thing stopping him from sliding all the way into the creek is the rope that is tide from his genitals, around a tree and back to his ankles. He is essentially hanging upside down and his wrists are tightly locked into steel cuffs that are tied into a cruel rope harness that is also a ball splitter. This is just all around bad for poor John as he struggles to get some kind of traction and all that happens is the loops around his genitals just get tighter and tighter.

Check out the teaser, below, and follow this link to purchase the full clip. This one was a lot of fun to do, especially since I don’t get a lot of days in February when I can get tied up, mostly naked, in the woods.

Hillside CBT, 2024-02-10

New Locking Harness

I had some thin leather strap and a few locking buckles, so I decided to throw together this hip harness. In the past, I used chains if there was a chance my hands could reach the front of my harness to untie the final knot. The chains tend to be painful on my hip bones; especially when they are very tight and I am struggling hard. This harness is a less painful but still strict option that cannot be removed without a key (or a cutting tool).

Since this harness can also prevent me from removing my shorts, it can be used as a form of chastity, a teasing strap, or a little genital torture if it’s tight enough. The crotch strap can be pulled very tight over the balls, creating a strict wedgie and ball splitter.

I haven’t used this harness in any videos, yet (coming soon), but here are some still images I did to show off my creation.

New Clip: Crotch-Roped

We had a video shoot recently where we shot some stills and a couple of videos. This was the second video we shot. John Marsh’s cock and balls are roped pretty thoroughly in a hip harness and a suspension line that keeps him from wandering off. His wrists are handcuffed and the handcuffs are also roped into the harness. He can’t reach anywhere, he can’t escape the harness or the genital torture, and he is gagged with a huge, tight gag that won’t let him do anything more than moan as he dances around, trying to avoid tugging on his balls.

Check out the teaser video for a better idea of John’s struggle. The struggle is real; John has no way of escaping. The only knot is in front and the harness prevents him from reaching anything with his cuffed wrists.

You can find the full clip in our clip store using the following link: Crotch-Roped in the Woods, 2023-03-28

New Genital Torment Clip

On February 3 we shot and released a new outdoor genital bondage clip. John Marsh is caught in a precarious web of ropes that are holding him fast by his tender bits. (I just realized that the last 3 videos I’ve shot have featured the same bikini briefs. I sure hope they are popular. I have other briefs, but the red, rubberized, bikini briefs are probably my favorite for this style of bondage.)

I shot this self-bondage scene with three 4K video cameras so I’d have options for editing. I not only switch cameras, but also zoom into the 4k video, or not, for different framing.

In case it’s not obvious from the teaser, John Mash’s wrists are cuffed to a ring that is tied into the rope that goes from his genitals, around his waist, and over a tree limb above his head. His ankles are strapped together with a belt, he is gagged, and another rope around his genitals is pulling him backwards. He is stranded on his tip toes with no way to get comfortable. Every move he makes results in a tug on his cock and balls.

If you like the teaser (below), please purchase the clip so I can justify making more erotic bondage clips. Here is a link to the clip in our clip store: Inescapable Self Torment Bondage

Tight Rope Harness and Steel Cuffs

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, here is a free video that was taken as an afterthought during a photo-shoot. I was bound in a very tight rope harness and my wrists were cuffed behind my back with cuffs that were also tied into the rope harness. I could get up and walk around, but I couldn’t escape, or remove my mouth-filling gag.

Enjoy this free video clip:

New Tarzan Clip

I added a new clip to my clips store: Tarzan Spread-Eagle, 2021-04-28

Tarzan (John Marsh) is exploring the woods when he falls victim to a trap and is captured and left helplessly bound in the woods. He is tied in a spread-eagle. The ropes on his wrists and ankles are tight and the knots are well out of his reach. He has no hope of escaping and he cannot call for help because he is gagged with a rag stuffed in his mouth that is held in by a knotted strip of cloth. To keep him from getting to comfortable, his genitals are tied to a stump between his legs.

New Clip: Cuffed Between Two Trees

I still have some old clips to upload to my store, and I have been shooting new stuff. I just haven’t been keeping up on uploading. I upload things to PornHub from time to time, but they have a habit of rejecting my videos, so I go to the work of editing and uploading just to have the video disappear.

The video I just uploaded was recorded in March 2020. My only complaint about this video is that I couldn’t seem to stop sniffling. Apparently, my sinuses were not well and the gag makes it impossible to clear anything. Otherwise, the scene is pretty hot. I have no hope of escaping, as my wrists are cuffed around a tree and my balls are cuffed to another tree behind me. My ankles are also cuffed to the tree. Any one of those cuffs would have kept me where I was.

The cuffs around my balls were pretty tight and they have my hips hiked up so I have to stay on my tip-toes. It’s pretty uncomfortable and I struggle in earnest to get comfortable, but my efforts are in vain. There is simply nowhere to go and no way to escape.

Here is a link to the video in my clip store: Cuffed Between Two Trees, 2020-03-08

New Clip: Cuffed to Cum

I uploaded a brand new clip to my clip store. It is an excellent masturbation scene that ends with a great orgasm. In this scene, my balls are cuffed to a tree with steel cuffs and there is a chain around the tree and my waist to which my wrists are locked. I am gagged and drooling, and I use my drool as lubrication to masturbate myself to orgasm.

This clip has lots of naked cock and moaning. I can’t watch it without masturbating.

You can find this clip in my Clips4Sale store. Here is a direct link: Cuffed to Cum