Month: December 2021

Strict Bondage in the Dark Woods

Here are a couple of photos from a scene I did in the woods, on New Year’s Day, 2022. There are two ropes around my genitals. One is hitched around my waist before passing over a tree limb overhead and secured out in front of me where I cannot reach it. My ankles are tied together with a wide belt.

The second rope around my genitals extends back behind me and it is tied to another tree, pulling me backwards such that the two ropes around my genitals are pulling in opposing directions. Both lines are very tight.

Finally, I am gagged with a mouth filling, leather gag that is locked on, and my wrists are cuffed above my head and around the rope that is holding me up. I can barely move in this rig, and the two ropes around my cock and balls torment me, constantly.

I’d make a video of this scene, if I thought anyone would buy it. It really was a lot of fun to do. If you enjoy my photos, please consider purchasing a video clip. I enjoy making these pictures, but it’s always nice to know that someone appreciates my efforts.

Happy New Year, everyone!

New Predicament Clip

Based on the experiment I shot on December 11, this new clip was planned and shot with three cameras. It’s a similar setup but I replaced the briefs with an open crotch thong with a built in cock ring and ball splitter. Otherwise, my genitals are roped the same way, I am ball-gagged and handcuffed and my ankles are chained. I did add a rope from my ankle chain to a tree on the other side, to make escape more difficult. Not that I could have escaped, anyway.

The other exciting thing about this new clip is that it ends with a self-inflicted orgasm. After getting freed from the original predicament, I am retied so I’m on my knees and I can stroke my cock with my still handcuffed hands. I am also still locked into my ball gag and my ankles are still chained. It’s a pretty good, body-rocking orgasm, also. The next best thing to cumming in bondage is cumming right after the scene.

You can find the new clip at this link: Genital Torment in the Woods, 2021-12-16, and you can see a short preview below…

Free Clip

This is just some experimental bondage I did on Dec 11, recorded for future reference. It’s a pretty tenuous situation. Pretty much the entire bondage is held together by that single rope that is looped around my cock and balls, goes over the tree, between my ankles and wrists, and is then tied off, well out of reach. Pulling down on my wrist cuffs, or ankle chains just causes more stress on my genitals. It’s simple, but diabolical. 🙂

Check out the video, below …

New Predicament Clip

Click the image for a closer look

It was a nice day for being naked outside, so I got roped into a bit of a predicament. My genitals were tied through a hole in the end of a log and to a hardpoint above and behind me. The other end of the log was tied to a point about 6ft (1.9m) up on a tree. My ankles were tied to the log such that I could not straighten my legs and, if I tried, I pulled the log down tighter on my balls. I was gagged and my wrists were cuffed around the log in front of me. I could not reach the far end of the log to untie it from the tree and I couldn’t reach around to release my genitals from the lower end. I was stranded there in a predicament that offered no comfortable position and no escape.

Check out the preview/teaser below and click Outdoor Predicament Bondage in PVC Briefs to purchase the full clip: