Month: March 2023

New Clip: Crotch-Roped

We had a video shoot recently where we shot some stills and a couple of videos. This was the second video we shot. John Marsh’s cock and balls are roped pretty thoroughly in a hip harness and a suspension line that keeps him from wandering off. His wrists are handcuffed and the handcuffs are also roped into the harness. He can’t reach anywhere, he can’t escape the harness or the genital torture, and he is gagged with a huge, tight gag that won’t let him do anything more than moan as he dances around, trying to avoid tugging on his balls.

Check out the teaser video for a better idea of John’s struggle. The struggle is real; John has no way of escaping. The only knot is in front and the harness prevents him from reaching anything with his cuffed wrists.

You can find the full clip in our clip store using the following link: Crotch-Roped in the Woods, 2023-03-28