Month: April 2023

New Clip: Gagged, Hitched, and Harnessed

Gagged, Hitched, and Harnessed, 2023-04-18 has been released. It’s a great teasing struggle video. This is also a carefully crafted self bondage, with absolutely no escape. I love to tie myself up so I am forced to tease myself as I struggle, and I have no way of escaping the torment. Don’t try this at home!

Check out the teaser, below. Please buy the clip if you like it; I spent a lot of time editing this one, thanks to one camera shooting in a vertical format. I think it’s fun to watch. Gagged, Hitched, and Harnessed

New “Harness Talk” Video

I gave this video it’s own page because I wanted to link it to the Bondage 101 page. I seem to be making a lot of rope harness pictures and video, lately. I guess it’s just because wearing the rope harness is enough to make me pretty horny and it feels different, depending on what I’m wearing and exactly how I tie it. So, when I buy or make a new pair of short-shorts, I have to try them out. If I feel super sexy, I take out the cameras and try to make something interesting. I’m probably being silly, since nobody really knows what it feels like for me, and I know most men would never do most of the things that really turn me on. Oh well. I this blog exists because I like to share.

New Clip: Rung-out Again!

This clip was shot on March 28, 2023. It’s revisiting an idea we first shot in 2019 (Rung Out to Dry, 2019-04-08). This version features a similar predicament in the woods. John Marsh is left hanging on a ring that is capturing his elbows behind his back while his wrists are handcuffed to a rope harness that is tied securely around his hips and threaded through his legs, around his genitals, and also over his genitals to form a ball splitter of sorts. When John pulls on his wrists, which he can hardly help doing, he also tugs on his tender genitals.

To get even a little relief, John has to stand on his toes, but even that doesn’t take the stress off his elbows or his captured genitals. John is also gagged and his ankles are locked together in locking leather cuffs. There is no escape for John. He is completely at the mercy of his captor. John struggles and moans and drools.

Link: Rung-out Again!, 2023-03-28

Sadistic Steel: Photos and a Short Video

We only shot video for one of the scenes pictured in this gallery, and that video got cut short because the camera’s battery went dead. It was an afterthought, and I apparently dropped the ball on that one. The good news is that you get to see the short video for free! 😉 Be sure to check out the gallery below the video. We did an entire series of steel cuffs genital bondage scenes that are all represented in the gallery.

If any of these pictures or videos give you any ideas, you can contact me on Twitter @mudbondage. I do custom bondage and mud videos, and I am also interested in ideas for videos I could post to one of my clip stores.