Month: March 2021

Clay Pit Bondage Clip

I put this clip in my muddy clip store but it could just as well be here because it’s some pretty perilous self bondage.

In this clip, John Marsh is doing self bondage in thick clay. He ties his genitals to a pole over the clay, binds his ankles with rope, and secures his wrists behind his back before taking a dive into the clay. He ends up partially suspended by his genitals and struggles to get turned over onto his back. Once on his back, he has a new problem as the thick clay slowly wraps around his head and closes in on his face. At the end of the clip, John reties himself and finds himself in another perilous predicament.

Check out the teaser below and find the clip here: Clay Pit Self Bondage Peril, 2021-03-28

New Clips!

I added two new clips to my clips store recently. The first was a clip where I had an anal hook locked in my ass by a chain around my neck and I was chained to a fallen tree and gagged. My ankles were also chained to my thighs. That was pretty intense. It was actually a bit of a predicament, as, in order to breath, I had to pull the hook tighter into my ass. See the teaser video, below.

The second clip is a pretty strict bondage in the dome I built in the woods. In that clip, my ankles are tied apart and my wrists are locked to the ends of a steel spreader bar. A rope from my genitals passes through a hard point above me, the center of the spreader bar, and then wraps around a dome strut in front of me and is anchored by a heavy weight that keeps it all very tight. Of course, I am gagged and drooling. At the end of the clip, I masturbate myself to orgasm. There is also a teaser for this clip, at the bottom of this post.

Four Chains, an Anal Hook, and a Gag

Spread for Torment, 2021-03-18

New Orgasmic Clip

The weather is getting warmer and soon I’ll be shooting outdoors, again. I’ve been doing some experimental bondage in the woods, but I haven’t been shooting. In the mean time, I shot a new video in the bedroom. This setup is one of my favorites for getting me really hot and bothered. The scene on March 5 that is featured in this clip was no exception. With my wrists tied apart to the posts at the head of the bed and my genitals tied to the foot of the bed, I was stretched out with no chance of escaping. My ankles were also tied to the rope around my cock and balls, so any way I moved would tug on my tender bits. The tugging is a cruel tease. I feel like I could cum but I can’t quite get there. All I do is edge myself relentlessly.

In this clip, I am not gagged, so you can hear my pleading for release as I struggle helplessly against my strict bonds. I am released at the end, after which I masturbate myself to a loud orgasm.

Sorry I had to wear the faux leather, red briefs again, but I love how they feel. If I’m doing a bondage that is supposed to be bring me close to orgasm, they are among the best feeling briefs I have. For those of you who haven’t already read why I wear briefs, there are two reasons. The first is that they prevent the rope from slipping off. The second is that the briefs add a great deal of sensation and/or teasing because they are rubbing against my sensitive parts as I tug against them. Different materials provide different amounts and types of sensation. I could write an entire essay on the difference between something like denim cut-offs and a very stretchy thin lycra.

Clip link: So Horny! 2021-03-05