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Bedroom Self Bondage

I recorded this for reference, because I wanted to work on this idea. It helps me remember what I did if I have a video to review. I probably spent more time setting up cameras and lights than it was worth, but it was a pretty intense scene. I adapted it after the lights and cameras were turned off so I was further up the bed and I could make it tighter. The reason to move further up the bed was to be unable to reach the bed frame with my feet.

Getting this tight, using only the weighted tightener on the ankle+genital rope, just wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be, which was to have my hips elevated and my legs outstretched, such that I had to hold my legs and hips up to reduce the strain on my genitals.

The way I solved the tightening problem was to add a tightener to the rope holding my wrists at the head of the bed. So first I let the weight tighten my crotch line until I was unable to reach the head of the bed to release my wrist line. Then, to make things really tight, I pulled my wrists tight, which got me right where I wanted to be. The predicament in the final configuration was having to hold my legs up, or having the crotch rope get painfully tight as the weight of my legs pulled on it.

This short video only shows the initial setup and a few seconds after the timer released my crotch rope. It was a good struggle, but I could use the bed frame to hold up my legs and lift my hips.

Experimenting with a Green Screen

Actually, I have some past experience with shooting on a green screen, but this was an idea that I had and I wasn’t sure how well I could pull it off. I made a couple mistakes, so it’s definitely not exemplary. I can imagine doing more of this in the future. Maybe not for an entire scene, but for special bits.

An Experiment in Ball Crushing Bondage

crotch harness closeup

I had an idea I wanted to try. The concept was simple; pull my legs around a pole with a linear actuator (think slow moving winch) such that my balls were pressed hard against the pole. I expanded on the idea by tying my genitals to the pole and using the same linear actuator to pull the genital ropes tight against the pole, also.

Although it took me a while to work out exactly how I wanted to harness my genitals to get the right effect, the problem I could not solve was how to shoot the scene in a way that would clearly illustrate what was happening and make it interesting to watch. After all, I wasn’t going to be dancing around, and the pole was going to obstruct the camera’s view of my genitals. Since the entire point of the scene was the ball crushing pole, it kind of sucked that I couldn’t get a good shot of how that worked.

I did shoot some video from a few different angles, and I’m including a short edit here. Although I’m not sure about the success of the video, I did find the scene to be really intense. The crotch harness got pulled really tight as I struggled and complained loudly. The net effect was that my balls were crushed really tight and I nearly had to cut the harness off, because it was so tight I had a serious struggle getting it loose. Keep in mind, that I could not get away from the pole until I got that harness off.

CBT Bondage Experimentation

Today I wanted to test and refine an idea I had while lying in bed a few days ago. This idea was appealing, in part, because it would present an obvious predicament to the camera. I have said this before, but the scenes I shoot photos and video of need to be more than just great bondage; they need to be visually interesting.

So, I worked on this concept in which my hips are held up by two ropes, tied around my genitals and pulled in opposing directions. I experimented with the vertical angles of the lines, how they were tied around my genitals, and how it felt with my arms and legs in different positions … even though my arms and legs were free in all but the last iteration. I grabbed four of the best photos from five different setups and more than a dozen photos of each one.

The third attempt above is actually the fourth attempt, because one attempt with an even steeper angle on one of the tension lines wasn’t worth including. Also, in the final attempts, I used a steel ring to hold the tension lines close together at my genitals. That made the genital ties more secure and also changed the way they pulled and crushed my genitals, creating a different sensation.

A Self-Bondage Gallery

This gallery contains images from a self-bondage I did today (June 23, 2023) as a way to celebrate and/or decompress after several days with a migraine headache. This scene wasn’t really designed for the camera, and I had only one camera recording it. The video tells the story better than stills images, but there is no time for that, now.

The bondage was a full suspension by a hip harness that is tied for genital torture. You can check out the harness details on the Harness Talk post. In this case, I suspended myself from the waist wraps, and the ropes through my crotch (around and over my genitals). For part of the time my ankles were bound together such that they were caught in one of the up-lines. The purpose of that is so my ankles could tug on the rope around my genitals, but they could also lift my hips higher, thanks to a couple of one-way tightening devices. There was a weight to take up the slack in the final up-line. This configuration allowed me to lift myself until I could just barely reach the floor with my hands, and could not reach it with my ankles, even after I set them free.

I was very horny by the time I was back on the floor. I shot a few more minutes of video as I lie on my back, gyrating my hips.

Harnessed and Cuffed

Not tied to anything, but helpless to fightback or remove my gag!

December 15 was a very mild day (about 25C) after the rain stopped. I took advantage of the day to set up some outdoor bondage scenes and get some photos. I didn’t shoot any video of the first scene, but I did manage to capture some video of the scene where my genitals were cuffed to the tree behind me.

In all of the scenes, my wrists were cuffed behind my back and the cuffs were tied into a strict hip harness, tied around and across my genitals. With my wrists cuffed that way, I was defenseless. I was also gagged so I could not cry out for help.

In the first scene, my genitals were cuffed to a tree in front of me. The cuff around my genitals was also hooked into the harness so there was no way to slip out of it. My ankles were bound and my neck was tied to a tree behind me to keep me pulling on the cuff around my genitals.

Scroll down to see a short video from the second scene. Also, several of the closeups in the gallery are from the second scene.

I didn’t get any pictures of the third scene, although I did get some video (not shown). In that scene, my genitals were lashed to the tree with the cord that was used for my hip harness. That did give my arms a bit more freedom, but it was a much tighter and more limiting genital tie. Sorry, I don’t have any images.

New Clip: Self Bondage Instruction

I got this idea for how to tie my arms behind my back and I set out to shoot a short video of me, tying it on myself. It was the first time I had done the complete tie and I didn’t get it quite right, so I decided the next day to try it again. The second day I did a much better job of tying it, but looking at the video revealed some more improvements I could make. So, two days later I went back out to make a 3rd attempt at essentially the same tie.

I think the 3rd attempt was pretty good, but I’m going to try some improvements in the future. For now, I edited the three attempts (mostly the final attempt) into a 17 minute video that features about 7 minutes of tying instruction. The other 10 minutes is an earnest and hopeless struggle to escape. I was unable to escape any of the 3 attempts, so, in that regard, they were all a success. I just made the bondage neater and more secure with each attempt.

I also used a different hip harness on each attempt. All of the harness were designed to crush or otherwise penalize my balls when I pulled back against them. In the first attempt, I was wearing tight jeans, so the ropes were all over the top. In the second one, I tied a steel handcuff that was clamped around my genitals into the harness so it would not come off as I struggled to get free. In the final harness, I had my genitals captured and split by the rope harness and my wrists were also secured to the harness in back. Here is a link to the full video in my clip store: Self Bondage Instruction in 3 Takes

New Clip: Self Bondage in I&B Hot Pants

Ishtar & Brute, that is! My clothing fetish is getting the best of me. Previously, I did some posing in my custom fitted hot pants, but I was pining to get tied up in them. Different fabrics and designs feel different when I tie something around my genitals and tug on them, while they are inside the garment. The way I tie myself also makes a difference. Today I started with handcuffs around my cock and balls and I ended with a 1/4″ (6mm) soft nylon rope.

One of my goals for my video was to get a really high quality recording with the focus on my new hot pants. The angles are pretty tight and parts of me are often cut off. However, I think I captured the essence of the bondage and I changed it up, several times. Because I wanted to keep things moving, I didn’t use any timers or get myself into any inescapable predicaments. I always had the keys within reach so I could set myself free and rearrange things a bit.

I think the end result was pretty good. I enjoyed editing it and I also found it pretty exciting to watch. Of course, I have a thing for the shiny black, leather-look briefs. I feel like those briefs are something like Conan the Barbarian might have worn. I need to find some medieval looking upper body “armor” to complete the wardrobe.

Clip Link: Self Bondage in I&B Hot Pants, 2022-11-11 (Teaser video is below)