Month: October 2020

New Clip: Anal Hooked!

Recording Hooked on the Dome was intense! I was impaled on a steel anal hook that was securely screwed to the dome. Once my ankles were tied down, there was no way I could get off that hook. Even with my hands free, I was going nowhere. Except for a gag and a locking cock ring, I was naked. My only regret about this movie is that you can’t really see the steel hook that was up my ass. It was intense because every little move I made caused the hook to move inside me. The sensation was over the top; sometimes painful, sometimes teasing, but always impossible to ignore.

I kept this clip short. I was on the hook for well over 30 minutes, but I could only move a couple of inches, so I figured the video would get pretty boring after a while. I opened the video with a short sequence that shows me climbing onto the hook. That’s the only time you get to see much of the hook. After that, it’s buried in my ass.