Month: June 2019

New Clip: Tormented by Biting Flies

I’m not sure if that title is appealing, but the flies were real and they motivated me to squirm a lot and try to escape, even though that wasn’t possible. Those green eyed bastards really hurt when they bite! If it weren’t for the flies, I think the title would have had something to do with how dirty I was.

So, I’m ball-gagged, barefooted, dirty, and handcuffed by my wrists and my genitals. My wrists are chained to one tree, and my balls are chained to an overhead limb in addition to being cuffed to a root. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the flies hadn’t forced me to squirm so much.

This is a pretty hot clip. It has closeups, wide shots, medium shots, and great audio; not to mention the crazy steel bondage and sincere struggle, with lots of associated moaning and muted cries for help. To be honest; if I could have escaped and slapped the bejeezus out of those flies, I would have, but I wasn’t getting out of those handcuffs and my genitals were locked down tight.

I’m not exactly sure if I enjoyed making this clip. In a way, it’s fun to want to escape and discover that you really can’t. On the other hand, I hate biting flies and I’m religiously apposed to letting them have my blood. I do think this clip is fun to watch, and I’m glad I made it. I’ll be even more happy about making it if someone buys it. Here is a direct link to the clip in my clip store, if you’re interested: Tormented by Biting Flies, 2019-06-11

New Clip with my New Gag

This is the first clip where I am wearing my new gag. The insertable portion of the gag is huge. It fills my entire mouth such that I can’t even breath around it. I have to be very careful not to trigger my gag reflex when inserting it.

The clip is called “The Penalty Box” because I am tied by 4 opposing ropes. My wrists are tied in opposing directions, my genitals are lashed down and my collar is tied up. With my arms outstretched, I am unable to reach anything. I do have some room to move around and tug at my bound balls. I’ve been in worse bondage predicaments, but that gag was something completely different; especially with a rope tugging on my neck.

What I remember most about this video is that it took a long time to shoot. By the time we finished shooting, my jaw was pretty sore from having that huge gag in my mouth for what seemed like hours. Anyway, here is a link to the clip in my clip store. I hope it’s as much fun to watch as it was to shoot. The Penalty Box, 2019-06-02

On a completely unrelated note, I shot another clip in the woods last night and I got eaten alive by blood-thirsty deer flies. One thing is for sure, the struggle was real. If I could have gotten free to kill the flies that were biting me, I damn sure would have. You may want to watch for it to appear in my store. I’ll be releasing it soon.

Shooting Solo is Challenging

For those of you who don’t already know, I shoot at least half of my content solo. That means getting myself in and out of the bondage, but also setting up multiple cameras to capture multiple, simultaneous camera angles. I shoot with 2-4 cameras. More often than not, at least one camera doesn’t get what I wanted. I generally prefocus the cameras, and of course I have to frame the shot using mostly my imagination because I can’t be tied up in the shot until all of the cameras are setup and rolling.

This weekend, I revisited an old idea to retrofit a linear actuator on my jib and figure out how to preprogram it to move the camera to get body pans and closeups at various levels. In the past, I’d gotten stuck on how to programmatically determine the position of the jib arm. I could find no way to affix a potentiometer that would measure the angle of the arm, and timing the up/down motion seemed too imprecise. I finally thought of a reliable way to determine the vertical position of the camera, so I set about attaching the actuator and wiring the actuator controls to an Arduino. I hooked up an old joystick that I could use to move the actuator arm and program the desired stops into the Arduino memory.

I needed to have designated stops because the actuator makes too much noise to just let it pan up and down. I programmed the system to move from stop to stop and pause for 40 seconds to get some video without motor noise from the actuator. For the most part, the experiment was a success, but I really need to start from scratch, building a jib arm that is designed for multi-axis computer control. I could go on for paragraphs about the features I’d like to build into my automated camera operator, but let’s have a look at an edited video from today’s test shot.

I prefocused the camera for this video test and I didn’t quite get it right. If I had used the camera’s autofocus, it may have decided to focus on the background half way through and I would have had an unusable clip. Although this was a quick test, it was still a lot of work, setting up equipment, chaining myself to a post, and trying not to gag on the really strict gag while struggling and waiting for the camera to run through it’s cycles. I didn’t do a great job editing it, but I think it came out alright, considering that I was using only one camera and there was no camera operator. If I had done this for a real clip, there would be at least one other camera to get a wider shot, and possibly a nice side shot. I hope you enjoy the free video.

I think my next challenge will be to fix the noise problem. I really like the shots where the camera is slowly panning over the body.

New Messy Clip

A Perilous Plight in Peat is a clip that I shot in the swamp, but I decided to put it in my By The Balls store because I am very obviously caught by my balls. I should note that I have posted content similar to this in my mud quicksand store in the past. When I created my new, male bondage store, I moved the clean bondage clips from my muddy store, but left the muddy bondage stuff there, because there is so much of it.

In this clip, I’m wearing some micro briefs that can’t contain my genitals, so my naked genitals are outstretched through most of this clip. Opposing the rope around my genitals is another one around my wrists that is tied off out of reach on the other side of the mud hole. As I am completely unable to escape the sloppy muck, all I can do is struggle to get some relief for my balls and try not to go under. My hips are held up by the rope around my genitals, but my upper body and my head are slowly engulfed by the black mud.

Direct link to the clip in my “By The Balls” clip store: A Perilous Plight in Peat, 2019-04-28

Working on ideas

Sometimes, I am just experimenting with ideas for my next video. When I’m figuring out a new scene, I have to consider how it’s going to look on camera. Some really great predicaments don’t translate to a great video. If I know I’m going to have help shooting a scene, I don’t need to concern myself with how I’m going to escape, so I have more options. When I’m shooting solo, I need to be able to get into and out of the bondage, but also I need to be able to preset the cameras to capture the action. Sometimes that works out well, other times I don’t get exactly what I envisioned. The nice thing about bondage scenes is that I can repeat a scene if need to.

So, this morning, I got chained to a post for some snapshots, to see how it might look in a video. I think I’ll have to be on my knees with my arms locked behind the pole, above my head. I’ll probably also need to wait for my camera person to be available, since I’m not sure how I’d escape without help.