Month: July 2022

New Clip: Bondage Therapy

A better title might have been “hot, sweaty bondage”, but I didn’t think of that. In this clip, I’m partially suspended in the beginning and fully suspended near the end. The last minute or so is the happy ending part.

In the first scene, my arms are tied to opposite sides of the dungeon. The ropes around my wrists are neat and tight. The wrist tie alone would have kept me there indefinitely, but my tormentor wasn’t satisfied with that. My genitals were also roped, and the other end of that rope was used to lift my hips off the floor after wrapping it around my ankles such that my ankles were pulled tight up against my balls.

In the second scene, I am suspended by my wrists and my genitals. A linear actuator is used to lift me off the floor after which I am frantic to find some relief from the strain on my tender balls. The desperate noises I make while struggling in anguish are answered with a gag. By this time, my body is covered in sweat and soon I’m drooling uncontrollably.

The final scene is the “aftercare” scene, in which I stroke myself to orgasm; still drooling and covered in sweat.

Store link: Bondage Therapy, 2022-07-14


My day started out in a partial suspension, lying on my back with my arms spread. The ropes around my genitals were looped around my ankle tie and used to lift my lower body. My ankles were pulled in tight to my genitals. The position was stricter than it looks, but that was just the beginning. After that, I was fully suspended by my wrists and a rope tied to my genitals and then hitched to a belt. The belt took some of the weight, or I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate being lifted off the floor. It was all in fun, of course, and there was a happy ending.