Month: June 2022

New Dungeon Clip

Strictly Gagged and Tethered features a super-tight gag and some wicked genital bondage. John Marsh is tethered in the dungeon by his cock and balls. The tether alone is enough to prevent him from escaping, but he is strapped tight into a locking gag and his wrists are cuffed behind his back.

The dungeon is hot and John can’t help but struggle. Soon he is covered in sweat and drool.

The overarching idea of this bondage is that John’s genitals are tightly bound with a nylon cord, such that he cannot slip out. The free end of the cord is tied out of reach, so he cannot free himself. The tugging at his genitals excites John, so he can’t help but buck his loins against the tether that is keeping him in the corner.

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