Month: March 2022

New Crotch Splitter Clip

This is the first official video I shot in my new dungeon. John Marsh is gagged and bound so he can’t go anywhere. His ankles are tied apart and his wrists are chained to the overhead beam by his leather cuffs that are locked on. His gag and collar are also locked on. A rope that is tied to his balls is strung through an anchor point on the post behind him, then back through between his legs and up in front of him to a linear actuator that will force him up onto his toes by lifting him by his crotch.

It’s all very diabolical, since he is also held back to the post behind him. He can lift himself up by his arms, but the ropes around his ankles prevent him from lifting himself very high. Even when the actuator allows his heels to touch the floor, he is no more able to escape the torment. John is visually aroused by his predicament and his briefs are not able to hide his arousal.

After one more torturous CBT bondage, in which he is pulled up tight to the anchor point behind him by his crotch rope, he is allowed to masturbate to orgasm.

This entire scene was shot with 3 cameras in 4K resolution. It is for sale in FHD (1080p) format. The quality is excellent and the struggle is real. John really couldn’t escape; even when he really wanted to. You can purchase the full clip here: Crotch Splitter Predicament. You can view a teaser/trailer, below.