Month: September 2020

New Compilation Clip

This clip is a compilation of out-takes in which I (John Marsh) was struggling in bondage. Usually, I was alone in self-bondage and had to overcome some unexpected obstacle to escape. I was surprised, when I put this together, how many times I’ve been on the cusp of disaster … while also on camera. There have been some serious bondage fails that I’d already published, so those were not included in this clip. For the most part, this should be all new footage, but there may be some familiar scenes, since these bits are mostly taken from the out-takes from some of my precarious bondage predicaments.

I enjoyed putting this video together and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it. It has a few muddy scenes, it has lots of outdoor scenes and some indoor scenes. The clips span a period of about 5 years. My only quality complaint is that the only audio I had for some clips was from the GoPro and it’s not very good. None of the audio is terrible.

Store link: Self Bondage Struggles

New Clip: Inverted Predicament

This is the latest dungeon bondage clip. In this clip, John Marsh is cuffed to the floor and hiked up by his genitals. His cock and balls are tied high and his ankles are cuffed to the up-line. He is wearing tiny, tight, shiny, black PVC briefs and he is barefooted. He is gagged with a red ballgag and he is forced to hold himself as high as he can to avoid the painful consequences. This clip has lots of enthusiastic struggling and moaning. You can find it in my clips store at: Inverted Predicament, 2020-09-25