Month: May 2021

New Clip: Battle at the Bulge

I know, it’s a silly name. I’m sure I’ve used every possible name for a teasing bondage in the dome, and this clip does feature a prominent bulge. We even got some nice still images while we were shooting this video.

In this clip, I’m tied in a 4-way stretch with my wrists tied to opposite sides of the dome and my loins are tied so that I pull or squeeze my genitals depending on which way I move my hips. The wrist ropes were really tight, so I wasn’t going anywhere, regardless of anything else. The ropes around my groin were mostly there to tease and torment me, and they worked quite well. Oh, and I was barefooted and gagged … as usual.

For the record, I was in this bondage just shy of 30 minutes. I could have been in it longer, but we were doing it for the video, and there is a fair bit of work that goes into the production. I edited the video down to 11.5 minutes. Hopefully, I kept the best bits. Towards the end of my stint in this predicament I was getting pretty aroused.

Here is the link to the clip in my clip store: Battle of the Bulge, 2021-05-29 … check out the teaser and more stills, below.

New Outdoor Bondage Clip

Helplessly Horny in Bondage is a scene in which John Marsh is stretched out on the ground with his cock and balls roped to a fallen tree and his wrists tied in the opposite direction. His ankles are bound to another tree above the one where his balls are tied. His struggles only serve to make him visibly horny. He can’t escape, so all he can do is drive himself crazy with lust.

John is gagged with a ball gag and he’s naked except for black, bikini briefs that are too tiny to cover his horniness. Check out the teaser …

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