Month: November 2021

New Woods Bondage Clip

In this clip, John Marsh is tied up on the ground in the woods. He is tied to a log by his ankles and genitals and the log is suspended by both ends. His wrists are cuffed and chained to the log. In the first scene, he is face up with his wrists cuffed behind him and in the second scene, he is face down. He is gagged with a red ball gag. The way he is tied with his ankles pulled one way and the rope around his genitals pulling the other, when he struggles he gets a wicked tug on his cock and balls.

Here is a link to the clip in our clip store: Bound on the Ground, and you can check out the teaser/preview clip, below …

Free Suspension Video

I set this scene up because I wanted to try something different with my camera. When I shoot a scene that involves a vertical subject, like this scene in which I’m suspended vertically, I lose much of my camera frame to the fact that I have to pull back so wide to get the vertical subject to fit in the wide, horizontal frame. So, I turned the video camera on it’s side, like you would your smart phone when you’re shooting a Tik-tok video. The catch is that I make videos that fit a standard 16×9 ratio television screen, so I had to do some fancy editing to fit the vertical video in the wide frame. You’re probably thinking that I just lost the advantage of shooting a vertical format, but just wait! I can pan over the image vertically, and I can combine different shots into a single frame. You can check out my little experiment, below. I didn’t spend a lot of time making it perfect because it was just a proof of concept. If I was shooting for production, I’d use more than one camera, so I’d have some wide shots to mix in with the zoomed and cropped shots.

Regarding the bondage: I was tied to the log/post while it was lying on the ground. The post was tied to a winch line, so I could be winched off the ground with the post. Of course, I was gagged, and the up-line from the post loops through the winch line and back down behind me. It goes between my legs from back to front, up across my cock and balls, and around my waist where it is tied off. My wrists are cuffed behind the post. The cuffs are not locked on, so I can get away, although escape was still tenuous. The hardest part was getting raised up off the ground, but once I was swinging clear of the ground, I had trouble reaching the winch to let myself down. I ended up untying myself while I was hanging there. It was still easier to get down than it was to get up. Since I was suspended by the line that was across my balls, that rope was always being pulled tighter. It had enough friction points that it didn’t get painfully tight. Better luck next time. 🙂

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New Clip!

I just posted a new clip from August 22. The clip contains two scenes. In the first scene, John Marsh is stretched out on the ground. His wrists are roped to a tree and his genitals are being pulled in the opposite direction. He is gagged and his angles are bound together. In the second scene, his wrists are tied to a post above his head and his genitals are being pulled down to a ring attached to the bottom of the post. He is still gagged, and he is hopelessly immobilized.

I included a short preview video, below, and you can find the full clip in my clip store with this link: A Real Stretch, 2021-08-22

Free Multi-Scene Bondage Short

This short is composed from clips we’ve shot in the past 2 weeks. None of them have been released for sale. The opening two scenes find me tied to a log that has holes drilled in it. With my genitals tied to one and and my ankles tied to the other end, with the knot out of reach, combined with my wrists handcuffed behind my legs and/or around the log, I’m pretty much stuck. Add to that an up-line that hoists me up by the end of the log to which my genitals are tied, and I’m in quite a predicament.

The next scene is from my “Winched Tight” photoshoot. It was the only video we captured that day, and we did it at the very end of our shoot. The final scene is hard to describe. My balls are lashed to a tree and my wrists are being pulled back behind me. I suppose it’s worth mentioning that I am gagged in all of these scenes.

Just watch the video, and you’ll understand …

Winched Tight Photoset

On October 31, 2021 I was splayed out on the ground with my wrists bound and a winch, stretching me in the other direction. I started out in a spread eagle with my ankles tied to a log that was attached to the winch. I was pulled so tight, I couldn’t even rest on the ground. After that, I had a steel hook in my ass that was also pulling against the winch. Finally, I was on my back, stretched tight by a winch line attached to my genitals.

I’ll share some video in my next post. For now, here are some still images from my little adventure …