Month: October 2022

New Clip: A Bondage Trap

This clip features an insidious bondage that just gets tighter and tighter as John Marsh struggles in vain to find some comfort.

John wakes up to find himself lying on the floor, bound and gagged with his wrists behind his back. There are ropes around his genitals, but he doesn’t realize the peril that he is in as he slowly wakes from his drug-induced slumber. As he struggles to move and tests his bonds, he comes to realize that there is a rope from his genitals to an anchor on the wall that is being kept tight by a weight and a one-way tightener. He lifts his hips a little and discovers, to his horror, that he can’t recover the slack he lost. He sits up and tugs on his wrists. As he is preoccupied with the weight in front of him, he doesn’t realize there is another weight behind him that is taking up slack in the chain attached to his wrist cuffs. He soon discovers that, when he pulls on his wrists, he is tightening another rope that is tied to his genitals, pulling in the opposite direction of the first rope. The more he struggles, the tighter his situation becomes.

Link to clip in the clip store: A Bondage Trap, 2022-10-24

Aftermath (not in video)

This last image is not from the video. After we finished the scene, and one more brief bondage, John masturbated himself to orgasm. Here you see him, covered in his own drool and semen. I just wanted you to know that the story did have a happy ending. It’s possible that we will release video from the second scene, with the happy ending at some point in the future.