Month: July 2019

New Clip: Strung Out!

This clip was especially fun to shoot because it features the infamous femdom fetish actress, Madalynn-Raye. Maddy is a very sexy, dominant woman and I am completely at her mercy, in a full suspension with my arms tied apart and my ankles strapped to my thighs. The hip belt is tied to my genitals and there is a second line from my genitals that goes to a winch, which allows Madalynn-Raye to tighten that line whenever she feels like making this predicament even more painful.

As the clip opens, we see Maddy tying my wrist lines to the tripod poles. She then attaches the winch line to a strap locked around my genitals and takes up the slack in the line that pulls me backwards. She gags me with a ball-gag and tightens the winch a few more times, leaving me to struggle, helplessly in between. She takes her time, because she knows I’m going nowhere. There is nothing I can do, and no hope of escape. Here is a direct link to the clip in my clip store: Strung Out!, 2019-07-11

New Clip & Related Photos

On June 28, I did a photoshoot wearing a black studded top and some very tiny, red, jean-style short shorts. The photoshoot ended with my genitals cuffed to a tree and my wrists cuffed behind my back. Don’t ask me how that happened, one thing led to another, and there I was. Fortunately for me, the keys were near my feet. I just had to figure out how to get them up to my hands so I could free myself. Another great feature of this clip is that it ends with an orgasm, as I just had to masturbate at the end. The entire saga was recorded on video, and the video was just released in my By The Balls Clip Store.

This is a super sexy video. I had to stop and masturbate twice during the course of editing this video. I think it’s a combination of the struggle and the moaning. The red shorts are also very sexy. I just know watching it really turns me on. I hope someone else enjoys it as much as I do. Here is the direct link to the clip: Genitals Cuffed to a Tree, 2019-06-18

As I mentioned, this all happened at the end of a sexy photoshoot. So, here is a free gallery of some of the best images from the photoshoot that led up to the video.

Jacked Up! New Clip

In this clip, I get jacked up on my tip-toes, and eventually so I can’t even reach the ground anymore, by my tender genitals. I’m severely gagged and wearing only a latex jockstrap. My wrists are cuffed and locked over the tree and my ankles are tied together. There isn’t much I can do but stand on the tips of my toes and hang by a rope around my genitals. The heavy weight that is jacking me up never gives back any slack, but it takes every millimeter I give it.

There are two segments in this clip. In the first segment, I’m tied facing away from the weight, face down. The weight is pulling my genitals between my legs from behind me. The second segment is much worse because my genitals are being pulled up in front of me and I am cuffed to the tree facing the weight. In my struggles, I lift my feet off the ground and find I cannot put them back.

There are some great closeups of my bound feet, and my tortured balls. The gag is a large leather, mouth-filling gag that is very effective.

Here is a direct link to this clip in my clip store: Jacked Up, 2019-07-07

Strung Out

Wow! We shot a video this morning of a very strict scene. I must say, I enjoyed the predicament. I was suspended from the top of my 12ft tripod by a hip harness that was partially held in place by a chain around by cock and balls. My wrists were tied, one wrist to each of 2 legs of the tripod, and a strap around my balls was tied to a hand winch on the 3rd leg of the tripod. I was also gagged with a red ball gag, and my ankles were strapped to my thighs.

So, I was fully suspended, completely unable to touch the ground, and barely able to move. If I pulled with my arms, the rope attached to my genitals would issue a harsh reminder that I wasn’t able to swing at all.

What really makes this video special is that I had Madalynn-Raye help me. She was kind enough to put me into this desperate predicament, gag me (on-camera), winch my balls in tight (on-camera), and operate my cameras. I cannot thank her enough for her help. Keep an eye out for the video, which will hit my clip store in a few days. If you enjoy FemDom videos, please check out Madalynn-Raye’s web-site for links to her work.