Month: February 2021

New Clip: Gagged Predicament

In this video, I am cuffed to a bed post with locking leather cuffs. I am gagged with a strict, mouth-filling gag and my ankles are cuffed together, also in locking leather cuffs. I have a wide, rubber collar locked around my neck. There is a rope around my genitals that hikes me up to a hard point in the ceiling. A weight keeps the rope around my cock and balls tight, takes up any slack, and keeps me on my toes.

My tight leather briefs keep my package from slipping out of the ropes, but they don’t cover much. I struggle to stay on my toes and afford myself a little comfort, but the upline from my tender bits just keeps getting tighter. I am helpless to escape until the timer runs out and drops the keys where I can reach them to unlock my wrists.

The last minute and a half of the video is after I am freed. I am super horny from my time in bondage and it shows. You can find the full clip for sale here: Gagged Predicament, 2021-02-21 Be sure to check out the preview/teaser below.

John Marsh is on his Toes (new clip)

Just killing time on a rainy Saturday, John Marsh gets tied up and gagged in red briefs. His wrists are cuffed to a hard point on the ceiling, his ankles are bound together with rope, and his genitals are pulled backward, through his legs by a weight and pulley system that leaves him on his tip toes and unable to free himself. When he struggles, the weight just pulls him tighter.

You can find the full clip here: You’d Better Stay on Your Toes