Month: February 2022

New Genital Torment Clip

On February 3 we shot and released a new outdoor genital bondage clip. John Marsh is caught in a precarious web of ropes that are holding him fast by his tender bits. (I just realized that the last 3 videos I’ve shot have featured the same bikini briefs. I sure hope they are popular. I have other briefs, but the red, rubberized, bikini briefs are probably my favorite for this style of bondage.)

I shot this self-bondage scene with three 4K video cameras so I’d have options for editing. I not only switch cameras, but also zoom into the 4k video, or not, for different framing.

In case it’s not obvious from the teaser, John Mash’s wrists are cuffed to a ring that is tied into the rope that goes from his genitals, around his waist, and over a tree limb above his head. His ankles are strapped together with a belt, he is gagged, and another rope around his genitals is pulling him backwards. He is stranded on his tip toes with no way to get comfortable. Every move he makes results in a tug on his cock and balls.

If you like the teaser (below), please purchase the clip so I can justify making more erotic bondage clips. Here is a link to the clip in our clip store: Inescapable Self Torment Bondage