Month: May 2022

Free Muddy CBT Clip

This video was just an afterthought I had as I was packing up my kayak to leave. The clip is too short to sell, and it doesn’t really fit in with the other video I shot on May 25, so you get to see it for free!

If you like the muddy videos, you should click over to my swamp blog and check out some of the pictures and videos there.

From the Archives

I was just cleaning up some of my files and I came across this 4K video that was recorded while I was doing a photoshoot of a rather extreme outdoor ball-splitter bondage. I was going to use the video as a backup for the still photos, so I set the video camera up to record in a vertical format. I know lots of people record that way with their phones, and now it is an accepted format, but I produce videos that have a horizontal, widescreen layout.

So, before I deleted the 4K video file that I really have little use for, I edited this short video that opens with 3 slices of the video arranged side-by-side, then does some vertical pans over the video to reveal the details of this painful plight in which I found myself; mostly for the purpose of getting a cool photo. It’s probably worth noting that I’ve never been the same, since. 😉

New clip: Strapped & Horny

horny male bondage; cuffed, strapped and gagged in the woods
click for larger version

This clip was shot in 2021 (December 18). John Marsh chained to a tree root in the woods by his ankles and his genitals. A tight strap with a locking buckle across his balls ensured that the steel cuff around his genitals could not slip off and it added to his torment, as his balls were pulled against it. His mouth filling gag was locked in place, and his wrists were handcuffed behind his back. There was no way John was going to escape without a key, and his bondage was making him crazy horny.

You can purchase this clip from our clip store: Strapped and Horny. You can also check out the preview video, below …

Free Video: Teasing Self Bondage in the Dungeon

I haven’t been producing much video lately. I’ve been too busy to produce and promote videos. However, I still get tied up from time to time. If not by someone else, then I do it myself. These scenes are from a couple of recent self-bondage sessions. Both sessions were a major tease, and struggling made me horny. The video below includes about a minute from each scene. It ends with an orgasm in cuffs and chains.

If you enjoy my videos, please patronize my clip store. I’m not going to take the time to produce multi-camera, full-length videos if nobody is ever going to see them. I can employ others to help me, and I make custom videos, in case you want to see something specific.

If you came here from deviantArt, you may be interested to know that I’m not updating my gallery there as often as I used to. It’s pretty safe to say that will always be my primary focus. I own and control this domain, so it will be the most up-to-date and the last to go; even if it gets reduced to a page with my contact information.

Enjoy the video …

New Clip: Genitals to Ankles Double Feature

I put together two clips shot at different times in different locations with similar features. In both scenes, John’s ankles are tied up close to his cock and balls. However, in one scene, he is in the woods with his ankles pulled up to a suspension point above him and his wrists are cuffed behind him in steel cuffs. In the second feature, he is on the floor in the dungeon. This time, he is stretched out tight. His wrists are locked into leather cuffs and chained to one wall of the dungeon and his ankles (still bound to his genitals) are pulled to the opposite wall by a rope that continues to get tighter as he struggles.

You can find the teaser video below, and you can purchase the full video here: Genitals Bound to Ankles, Double Feature