Month: August 2019

Free Video Short

This clip is of an experiment I did after another shoot, while the camera was still set up. I tied a rope harness on my hips that was also attached to my genitals. I pulled myself up as high as I could by the hip harness, then I ran another rope from my genitals over a tree limb and to a heavy weight. The weight would keep the 2nd line tight, so, as I inverted myself and swung closer to the tree limb, the weight took up the slack. By the end of this short clip, I’m inverted and balancing on my fingertips. Needless to say, I was in trouble.

If you like what you see, please check out my clip store. All of my videos are shot and delivered in full HD. Free videos are reduced in size to conserve bandwidth.

New Clip: On The Chain

In this clip, I am gagged and cuffed in red short shorts. My wrist cuffs are locked to the chain, and my genitals are also locked to the chain. I have a mouth filling gag and I’m jacked up on my tip-toes by the strap around my genitals. I can still swing around and spin on the chain, and lift my feet up off the ground. However, I cannot escape. So, for the duration of this clip, I dance around within my limited range and the chain teases and torments my cock and balls without mercy.

I really enjoyed making this video. I felt sexy, swiveling my hips and wriggling my ass to tease myself on the chain. Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: On The Chain, 2019-07-30

Self Suspension, etc.

I just released a new clip that was actually a reenactment of something I did 25 years ago that almost ended in tragedy. This time, I took some precautions to avoid an undesirable outcome, but the wrist suspension was really harsh, so the struggle in the video is quite real.

In the clip, I’m hanging by my wrists and partly by a rope that is attached to my genitals, via a ring tied to the cinch on my bound ankles. If I try to straighten my legs to stand, it pulls on my cock and balls. The rope from my balls is tightened by a heavy weight, and my hips get hiked up higher as I struggle to find an escape, or get some relief for my wrists. Of course, that just makes things worse for my tender bits.

The entire scene lasted a lot longer than I thought it should have, at the time. However, there was no chance of escape while I was hanging by my wrists. Eventually (not in the video), my timer released my ankles so I could regain my footing. By then, I was dripping with sweat.

You can find this clip in my clip store by clicking this link: Self Suspension Agony

On a related note, I shot a lot of bondage and mud video in the end of July and early August. I had to take a short hiatus to get caught up on some other things, but I still have several videos in the queue to be released. There are a couple that I’m really excited about, and one I did on my anal hook that was also pretty painful.

In the images on the right, I’m getting ready for a scene I named “The Human Sawhorse”. I had some help from Madalynn-Raye on that one. She took the photos, manned the cameras, and held the keys for me. The video should be available sometime in August or early September, as long as I don’t get tied up or lost in the swamp.