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New, Feature Length Clip

Enough with all the shorts and freebies! I assembled a clip that has multiple scenes in the same location, billed as a series of torments that poor John has to endure. In most of the scenes, John’s handcuffs are captured in his rope harness, behind his back. Just that little bit can be impossible to escape and is severely limiting. Add ankle bondage, a gag, and tether him to a tree, and John is left with no choice but to tease and frustrate himself as he struggles, helplessly.

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An Experiment in Ball Crushing Bondage

crotch harness closeup

I had an idea I wanted to try. The concept was simple; pull my legs around a pole with a linear actuator (think slow moving winch) such that my balls were pressed hard against the pole. I expanded on the idea by tying my genitals to the pole and using the same linear actuator to pull the genital ropes tight against the pole, also.

Although it took me a while to work out exactly how I wanted to harness my genitals to get the right effect, the problem I could not solve was how to shoot the scene in a way that would clearly illustrate what was happening and make it interesting to watch. After all, I wasn’t going to be dancing around, and the pole was going to obstruct the camera’s view of my genitals. Since the entire point of the scene was the ball crushing pole, it kind of sucked that I couldn’t get a good shot of how that worked.

I did shoot some video from a few different angles, and I’m including a short edit here. Although I’m not sure about the success of the video, I did find the scene to be really intense. The crotch harness got pulled really tight as I struggled and complained loudly. The net effect was that my balls were crushed really tight and I nearly had to cut the harness off, because it was so tight I had a serious struggle getting it loose. Keep in mind, that I could not get away from the pole until I got that harness off.

New Clip: 5 Point Stretch

This was a really strict bondage scene. My wrists and ankles were tightly bound to the dome, I was gagged with a ball gag, pulled deep into my mouth, and I had a teasing hip harness splitting my balls that was also tied to the dome. I was naked, except for a tiny black pair of briefs. I could wiggle my hips and moan, but that was about it. The ropes around my wrists were very tight and the knots were well out of reach. My captor sat back in his chair with his feet up and observed as I struggled in vain and drooled uncontrollably. I was tied so tightly that I had to stay on my toes.

Here is a link to the clip: Five Point Stretch, 2021-04-10