Month: October 2021

New Spread-Eagle Clip

October Spread Eagle is a little unusual, in that there is nothing tied around John’s genitals. He is gagged and spread-eagled between 4 trees. He is completely defenseless on the ground in the woods, wearing only a tiny pair of lace-up briefs. It’s a pretty short clip, because John can’t move. About all he can do is swivel his hips a bit. He tries, desperately to escape, but it’s hopeless.

You can find this clip and many more in our clip store. Check out the short teaser/trailer, below. For those of you who follow me on FetLife, I posted a behind-the-scenes, making-of video from this scene.

Nude Outdoor Bondage Photo

This is just an image from a photo-shoot we did on October 20, 2021. I hope you like it. I don’t do much naked bondage, but I wanted to try this harness.

In this scene, John Marsh (me), is gagged with a mouth-filling, leather gag and tied between 3 trees with his crotch harness pulling him forward and his arms pulling him backward. There is no way he’s going to wriggle out of that harness on his cock and balls, so he is pretty much screwed. The gag is very effective, so he won’t be crying out for help. Will anyone find him?

Free Clip

This is a scene of pretty extreme genital torture in the woods. The last segment might qualify as a predicament bondage. In the opening scene John Marsh is cuffed and gagged, face down. His genitals are roped over a fallen tree above him. The rope goes over the tree, through his ankles and is tied out of reach. In the next scene, John is in the same position but the rope holding him up by his genitals has been shortened so he is jacked up higher. Finally, he is standing upright and his wrists are locked around the rope that is tugging on his genitals as he does his best to stand on his toes and keep his weight off of the rope that is passing through his arms. He tries, but he cannot reach the knot that has him hiked up to that tree behind him. I hope you enjoy the short video. I didn’t feel like the full length video was good enough to sell as a feature clip.

New Clip: Triangle of Torment

In Triangle of Torment, John Marsh is tied to the tripod with his arms outstretched and his genitals tied to the third leg behind him. He is wearing very short, denim cutoffs and he is gagged. When the scene opens, he is bound with his arms tied separately to two of the tripod legs. After a few minutes, the ropes get tighter, so he is stretched out about as far as he can reach and the rope on his genitals is very tight. In the final scene, we see him strip down to his black, bikini briefs and masturbate to orgasm.

Check out the teaser, below, and follow this link: Triangle of Torment, 2021-10-05 to purchase the full length, high definition clip.

New Clip: Steel Cuff Torment

In Steel Cuff Torment, John Marsh is gagged and his wrists and ankles are cuffed. To keep him from wandering off and to make it more erotic and/or interesting, his cock and balls are cuffed to the handcuffs on his wrists with his arms over a fallen tree. He can struggle and moan, but he’s not going anywhere. Also, when he struggles, he’s teasing/torturing himself by tugging on the cuff around his genitals.

Check out the teaser, below. You can find the full length, high definition video here: Steel Cuff Torment, 2021-10-01.