Month: April 2019

“Narrow Escape” clip now available

The video from my self-bondage scene on April 22 is now available in our clip store.

This clip includes shots of the self-tying process and ends after Doug has freed himself. The struggle in between is very real. Before the mag-release allows Doug’s legs to drop, the bondage is inescapable, and there are some tense moments after the release when it looks like he might not escape.

Narrow Escape, 2019-04-22

Behind the Scenes: SB in the Woods

We shot a video today of a self-bondage scene in the woods that didn’t go exactly as planned. First, the gadget I was going to use to tighten things a bit did not work so I had to get my helper to tighten things the old fashioned way. It worked out alright. I rigged this bondage such that I still had some difficulty escaping after my release tripped.

I’m hoping the video turns out well, because it’s one of the more difficult self bondage setups I’ve done in a while. I guess if the video doesn’t turn out well, I’ll do it all again. What can I say? I love my work.

Loads of New Content

Well, our extreme male bondage store is up and running. We’re adding new content every day. Check the clip store page for our latest clips. If you enjoy testicle punishing, inescapable male bondage, we’ve got some excellent, high quality content for you.

Introducing a new Bondage Clip Store has set up a new clip store for promoting our clean (or mostly clean) bondage clips. The new store is called “Mudlover Bound by the Balls”. We had previously mixed our bondage clips in our mud store, and many of them are still there. The problem is that my store and my swamp blog got diluted by clean bondage scenes that were not as popular with our deep mud/quicksand patrons.