Month: April 2021

New Clip: 5 Point Stretch

This was a really strict bondage scene. My wrists and ankles were tightly bound to the dome, I was gagged with a ball gag, pulled deep into my mouth, and I had a teasing hip harness splitting my balls that was also tied to the dome. I was naked, except for a tiny black pair of briefs. I could wiggle my hips and moan, but that was about it. The ropes around my wrists were very tight and the knots were well out of reach. My captor sat back in his chair with his feet up and observed as I struggled in vain and drooled uncontrollably. I was tied so tightly that I had to stay on my toes.

Here is a link to the clip: Five Point Stretch, 2021-04-10

New Clip: Hogtied in White Shorts

Hogtied in White Shorts features John Marsh, bound wrists to ankles in locking steel restraints. His strict panel gag is locked in and his elbows are chained together. He is naked except for his super short white cutoffs. He struggles on the ground in the woods and gets himself and his shorts covered in dirt.

Here is a link to the clip in our store: Hogtied in White Shorts, 2021-04-10 Check out the short teaser, below:

New Clip: Hung Out

In this clip, I am suspended in the woods by a hip harness that is tied around my waist and my genitals. My ankles and wrists are bound with rope, and I am gagged with a strict, mouth filling gag. I can’t reach the ground with my feet, although I can just reach some high spots with my hands. My dirty, bound feet are featured prominently in this clip as I swing around and struggle to relieve the stress on my poor genitals. The ropes around my genitals are also a terrible tease.

Here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Hung Out, 2021-04-19

New Clip: Forced Arch

John Marsh has, once again, consented to be “tested” in bondage. His ankles are tied to a ring in the center of the bondage dome, his wrists are tied in front of him, he is gagged, and his hips are hiked up by his genitals with a rope that is kept taught by a heavy weight. He has to hold himself up with his arms and hold his hips high to avoid hanging by his balls. If he lifts his hips higher to take the stress off his cock and balls, the weight takes up the slack. Eventually, he can’t go any higher and there is nothing he can do but strain to hold his position and beg for release.

After 20 minutes, John was begging to be let down. (The scene was edited down to 10 minutes for the video.) In the last 2 minutes of the video, John is allowed to masturbate with his ankles and wrists still bound.

Clip Link: Forced Arch with Happy Ending