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Winched Tight Photoset

On October 31, 2021 I was splayed out on the ground with my wrists bound and a winch, stretching me in the other direction. I started out in a spread eagle with my ankles tied to a log that was attached to the winch. I was pulled so tight, I couldn’t even rest on the ground. After that, I had a steel hook in my ass that was also pulling against the winch. Finally, I was on my back, stretched tight by a winch line attached to my genitals.

I’ll share some video in my next post. For now, here are some still images from my little adventure …

New Latex and an Anal Hook

I don’t have a video up, yet, but here are some images and a short preview of some video I shot on June 1, 2021.

I got some new latex garments in the mail, so I had to take some photos. I discovered that the blue tanga latex brief was great with handcuffs around my genitals, so I did some mock scenes of me, handcuffed to some things in the woods.

I was wanting to do an anal-hook video in the clay pit, but the temperature dropped just enough that I wasn’t enthusiastic about the cold clay or taking a cold, outdoor shower afterward to get cleaned up. So, I went into the woods with my anal hook and started playing with ideas.

I ended up in a pretty extreme predicament. I tied a harness around my waist that was also tied around the base of my cock and balls, then I added the anal hook and used the free end of the harness rope to go through a loop in a suspension line and back to the anal hook. That way, as the suspension line was tightened, I’d be lifted half by my harness (which was held in place by the rope between my legs), and the anal hook in my ass.

Once the up-line was tight and my wrists were bound, I had to hold onto the up-line to keep my weight off the hook (and my other sensitive bits). Although my wrists were only bound together, they were effectively bound to the up-line, if I was to avoid the agony associated with hanging on a large metal hook in my anus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and short video clip. Please purchase my videos if you enjoy my work. I could really use some encouragement.

New Clips!

I added two new clips to my clips store recently. The first was a clip where I had an anal hook locked in my ass by a chain around my neck and I was chained to a fallen tree and gagged. My ankles were also chained to my thighs. That was pretty intense. It was actually a bit of a predicament, as, in order to breath, I had to pull the hook tighter into my ass. See the teaser video, below.

The second clip is a pretty strict bondage in the dome I built in the woods. In that clip, my ankles are tied apart and my wrists are locked to the ends of a steel spreader bar. A rope from my genitals passes through a hard point above me, the center of the spreader bar, and then wraps around a dome strut in front of me and is anchored by a heavy weight that keeps it all very tight. Of course, I am gagged and drooling. At the end of the clip, I masturbate myself to orgasm. There is also a teaser for this clip, at the bottom of this post.

Four Chains, an Anal Hook, and a Gag

Spread for Torment, 2021-03-18

New Clip: Anal Hooked!

Recording Hooked on the Dome was intense! I was impaled on a steel anal hook that was securely screwed to the dome. Once my ankles were tied down, there was no way I could get off that hook. Even with my hands free, I was going nowhere. Except for a gag and a locking cock ring, I was naked. My only regret about this movie is that you can’t really see the steel hook that was up my ass. It was intense because every little move I made caused the hook to move inside me. The sensation was over the top; sometimes painful, sometimes teasing, but always impossible to ignore.

I kept this clip short. I was on the hook for well over 30 minutes, but I could only move a couple of inches, so I figured the video would get pretty boring after a while. I opened the video with a short sequence that shows me climbing onto the hook. That’s the only time you get to see much of the hook. After that, it’s buried in my ass.