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New Locking Harness

I had some thin leather strap and a few locking buckles, so I decided to throw together this hip harness. In the past, I used chains if there was a chance my hands could reach the front of my harness to untie the final knot. The chains tend to be painful on my hip bones; especially when they are very tight and I am struggling hard. This harness is a less painful but still strict option that cannot be removed without a key (or a cutting tool).

Since this harness can also prevent me from removing my shorts, it can be used as a form of chastity, a teasing strap, or a little genital torture if it’s tight enough. The crotch strap can be pulled very tight over the balls, creating a strict wedgie and ball splitter.

I haven’t used this harness in any videos, yet (coming soon), but here are some still images I did to show off my creation.

Ball of Frustration: Image gallery

I like to call this “the ball of frustration”. With knees chained to the collar, ankles chained to the genitals, and wrists locked to the harness behind the back, I could barely move. I did manage to rotate my body so the camera could get different angles. I was sweating and drooling. It was great, and the struggle made me very horny, so I masturbated on camera after partially freeing myself and re-locking my genital chain to the wall.

This was an inescapable self bondage. All of the keys for the locks that were keeping me very secure, were being held far above me by a magnetic release. Once the keys dropped, I was able to release myself, but not before. The orgasm was great. All of these images are frames from a video. The video may not get published because I’d like to reshoot this scene with more than one camera angle.

Harnessed and Cuffed

Here are some still images I’ve been working on. I have some video to go with some of this, but I’m not sure it’s worth editing video, since my sales are so abysmal. I hope you enjoy these still images …

Tight Rope Harness and Steel Cuffs

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, here is a free video that was taken as an afterthought during a photo-shoot. I was bound in a very tight rope harness and my wrists were cuffed behind my back with cuffs that were also tied into the rope harness. I could get up and walk around, but I couldn’t escape, or remove my mouth-filling gag.

Enjoy this free video clip: