Month: August 2023

Cruel Chains

Just some genital torture with chains and cuffs. All for fun, of course.

Check out this image gallery and the free video clip. If you want to see this video, or something like it, hit me up on Twitter (X?) @mudbondage. I might make a clip from this, but it would be a pretty short clip, because I could barely move. This bondage is the real deal. There is no escaping from these chains, and the chain locked through my crotch makes it impossible to slip out of the chains around my genitals. Whether I’m leashed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling by my genitals; I’m not going anywhere. It was pretty intense.

New Clip: Steel Bondage Marathon in a Speedo

In this clip, I go through about 9 different configurations of being chained to the wall by my genitals and chain hip harness. Every position is both teasing and painful, as the steel cuff around my genitals is not gentle, and the chain running through it splits my balls and holds my man bits against my body while the handcuffs are trying to pull them away. All the while, I am gagged and handcuffed, and my ankles are chained to a spreader bar.

For wardrobe, I am wearing a tight pair of bikini Speedos and nothing else. My sweaty body and bare feet are on full display and the drool is streaming down my chest by the end of this marathon torture session.

Be sure to check out the teaser, below. You can find the full clip in my clip store: Steel Bondage Marathon in a Speedo

New Clip: Swamp Explorer Tree Tied

In this clip, John Marsh is landing his kayak on the bank of a muddy creek when he finds himself tied to a tree with his arms tied apart and his genitals tied behind him. He can’t slip out of the tight wrist ties and he can’t reach any of the knots, so he is doomed to struggle in vain, as the crotch rope teases and torments him with every move.

I thought about naming this clip, “Captive Dance”, because John gyrates his hips against the teasing rope that has captured his cock and balls, but I decided to go with a more descriptive title.

This one is not a self bondage, and John’s captor shot the video, so the camera view pans around John’s helpless body, and John has no choice but to endure the bondage until his captor decides to free him … if his captor decides to free him.

I threw in some extra photos, below, from the same trip. The white shorts were not featured in this video. They might be featured in a future video in my muddy store; keep an eye on my mud blog for that one.

Check out the teaser, below and here is a link to the clip in my clip store: Swamp Explorer Gets Tree Tied

Ball of Frustration: Image gallery

I like to call this “the ball of frustration”. With knees chained to the collar, ankles chained to the genitals, and wrists locked to the harness behind the back, I could barely move. I did manage to rotate my body so the camera could get different angles. I was sweating and drooling. It was great, and the struggle made me very horny, so I masturbated on camera after partially freeing myself and re-locking my genital chain to the wall.

This was an inescapable self bondage. All of the keys for the locks that were keeping me very secure, were being held far above me by a magnetic release. Once the keys dropped, I was able to release myself, but not before. The orgasm was great. All of these images are frames from a video. The video may not get published because I’d like to reshoot this scene with more than one camera angle.