Month: February 2023

Genital Torment in the Woods

John Marsh is tied between two stout trees by his wrists. His arms are outstretched so he can go nowhere. To make it real, his ankles are tied to his genitals in a convoluted, windy mess that pulls his package in different directions, depending on which ankle he tries to move. The full video is not yet available for downloading, but here is a short teaser:

New Clip Preview: Spreader Bar Suspension

The weather is warming up, so I’ve got lots of opportunities to shoot outdoors. This is a great time of year. Although it’s not really warm, the bugs aren’t out (yet), so it’s very pleasant for bondage games. Yesterday I finished shooting a scene where I did a few different setups where I was tied or cuffed in various ways to a spreader bar that was in turn attached to a winch cable. Using the winch, I could be tormented, partially suspended, or even fully suspended in my bondage. In every case, one of the suspension points was attached to my genitals, or a harness that was tied to my genitals. By the time I was done shooting this scene, I was pretty beat up and drooling uncontrollably.

One of the things I love about being suspended is the acute realization that there is no escape. Being unable to reach the ground gives you a profound sense of helplessness. You can’t crawl away in search of a cutting tool, it’s nearly impossible to reach anything, and if you could reach something, releasing yourself while your entire weight is on the bondage can be difficult and even risky.

I actually shot this video over the course of two days. I had some equipment problems the first day, and I wasn’t happy with the video (too bright). I still had to use the video from the first day because the tender skin around the base of my cock wasn’t ready to repeat that scene without some more time to heal. The picture at the top left of this post is from the first day. That was really intense. On the second day, I did 4 more variations on the theme and recorded them on one or two cameras, depending on the setup.

I had a great time, and I’ve still got some rope marks and bruises to show for it. Check out this short video to see all the ways I devised to torture myself. The full video is now available in my clip store. I usually do that before I post a teaser, but I’ve got some other priorities and I wanted to share this …