Month: August 2020

New Bondage Climax Clip

Outdoor Self-Bondage Climax is an outdoor, self-bondage clip that opens with John Marsh collared, gagged, and cuffed wrist to ankle. In the beginning, he is wearing black, PVC shorts, but it doesn’t take long for his genitals, which are chained to a tree root, to escape his shorts. In the last 3 minutes of the clip, he is naked. His collar is chained to a tree behind him. He struggles, teases himself, and plays with his cock for about 7 minutes before he is freed from his collar and cuffs to masturbate naked on the ground. He does manage to climax while gagged and lying on the muddy ground.

Outdoor Self-Bondage Climax, 2020-08-21

Self Bondage Failure

Somehow, I allowed myself to get distracted enough that I stowed my keys in my gear case, well out of reach, before cuffing my wrists in locking cuffs to a chain that was stretched between two trees. My ankles were chained to my thighs and my genitals were chained to a stout tree root. I also had my ball gag locked on, for good measure.

When my release popped, my right wrist was supposed to be free enough to reach the keys, but the keys were to my right, about 4 feet away, and my left wrist was chained to the tree opposite the keys. Also, my right wrist was still cuffed to that chain, which also limited my reach. I could not straighten my legs or free my genitals, because those were also padlocked. For a little while, I was sure I was screwed.

In order to free myself, first I had to snag a nearby camera tripod with the free end of the chain. That took many attempts because there was a sapling that kept intercepting my chain so I couldn’t get it to wrap around the tripod leg, and the movement of my right arm was limited because it was still locked to the chain.

I did, finally, get the tripod within reach, but that was just a stepping stone to the final goal of pulling my gear case close enough for me to retrieve the keys. I had to use the tripod to coax the heavy case that held the keys towards me; inch by inch. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard, but the case was just barely within reach so I had to lift the fully extended tripod, holding onto just the very end of it with one hand.

During the entire struggle, my cock and balls were still chained to that root.

I recorded the entire debacle on video, and I made the video available on FetLife (I had my PornHub channel deleted).

New Dungeon Bondage Clip

I just updated my clip store with a new clip in which John Marsh is gagged and immobilized by his wrists and genitals. His wrists are locked to two points on the floor so that his arms are spread wide apart. His cock and balls are also tied to the floor, so he is stranded in a very effective 3 point tie. After some time struggling, his genitals are retied so that he is force to hold up his hips to avoid hanging by his balls. If that is not torturous enough, his genitals are also tied down so he has to hold his hips in one place. His ankles are also cuffed and locked together.

Once John’s wrists were locked to the steel rings in the floor he was unable to escape and very vulnerable. With no way to free himself, he was forced to endure teasing and sometimes painful CBT for as long as his captor wanted to leave him there.

Link to the new clip (with 1 minute preview) on C4S: Resistance Is Futile, 2020-08-15